Coach Bruno Scout's Today's USA vs. Spain semifinal game

From, Coach Bruno previews today's FIBA World Championship semifinal game with Spain.  The game can be seen live on NBA TV here in the United States at 1:45 p.m. (CST)

The Scouting Report - USA Assistant Coach Doug Bruno (DePaul University)
Do you expect to see a different game than three weeks ago when we won in exhibition play?
Absolutely. When we played in Hartford we won a pretty decisive ball game, but we also lost the first quarter by one point and we really ran them out in the second quarter. We took a 24-point lead at one point, and then they came back within five. So, when you look at the whole game, Spain actually played with us for 30 to 35 minutes. And they are much better now. They added Sancho Lyttle to their lineup, which makes a huge difference. She is one of the best rebounders in women's basketball and a great pro. So, they are a lot better now than they were three weeks ago.

What are their offensive strengths?
Offensively, Valdemoro and Montanana are both very skilled players, and they have a great low-post presence with Sancho Lyttle and I think that's huge for them. They love to get out and go. They want to run if they can, and we have to make sure that we execute our transition defense. We need to be better than them at every position defensively, so that we are able to be better than them collectively. The little factors for our defense really become a huge factor for them because they will take advantage of our mistakes and a score lot of points off of the back board.

How should we attack Spain?
They are a good man-to-man defensive team that is sometimes spotty. At times, they are very vulnerable, but in big games they do a great job for the most part. So, for us that means we have to execture our offensive system and be able to run plays all the way through the shot clock. Our players all understand and have bought into our offense now, so that is something that will be a matter of patience, discipline and teamwork.

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