Sam Quigley Recaps 3-Point Championship

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Hello Blue Demon Fans,

As I was heading to Houston for the State Farm Three Point Contest I was so excited --  I was going to get to wear my DePaul uniform one last time :)

When I landed in Houston on Wednesday afternoon, it was 75 degrees and sunny, my kind of weather. The first day was pretty relaxing for us. We got a chance to hang out in the hotel where they had a room set up for us with food, couches, lazy boys, flat screen tvs and wii's.  At night we headed to the University of Houston arena to get some shots up, talk with the media, and take a few photos. We got an opportunity to shoot from the ball racks and they also took pictures of us with cowboy hats on, which was pretty fun. I was glad that I knew a few of the other contestants. My roommate was Tatiyanna McMorris from Marquette and Brittany Johnson from Ohio State was a former Illinois Hustle teammate. It was also fun meeting some new people like Kelsey Bolte from Iowa State. And I can't forget Memphis' Will Coleman. He was the life of the trip, always goofing and making us all a little less nervous for the competition.

Thursday, I finally got a chance to get some sun! Kelsey Bolte and I hung out at the pool until we headed to the arena. One of the judges of the dunk contest was Karl Malone, which was fun. I got a chance to talk with him and take a few pictures. I was so nervous for the competition. After the first round I got a little more comfortable and was able to knock down 19 points, missing the last money ball which may have helped in the end! Sadly, I didn't make the cut for the finals. That's okay though, next up was the dunk contest. Let me just say that Jacob Tucker is basically 5'5 and can dunk, so I need to get on his work out plan ASAP. But in all seriousness, he was pretty amazing. The crowd definitely loved him. It was fun to see a division III player win the dunk contest, especially at his height.

Overall, the experience was unforgettable. I was glad to be selected to participate. The competition was ran by Intersport and they worked hard to make it a huge success. This weekend I am heading to the Women's Basketball Final Four in Indianapolis! I knew I'd get there one way or another! ?

Yours in Hoops,
Sam Quigley



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