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#GO_BLUEDEMONS - Tweet with Turkey This Week


While the Blue Demons are playing in Orlando this week, be sure to cheer them on via Twitter. The Old Spice Cheer Squad at the HP Field House will root for whatever team has the most tweets during the game.

In order to cheer for DePaul use the hashtag #go_bluedemons for DePaul. Each of the eight teams at the Old Spice Classic has been assigned a specific hashtag for fans around the world to cheer them on.

In each matchup, the Old Spice Cheer Squad will pull for the team with the most tweets. To follow all of the action of the Old Spice Classic this week be sure follow @OldSpiceClassic on Twitter.

The Blue Demons open Old Spice Classic action on Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. ET/1 p.m. CT on ESPN2. Tune in, tweet and watch the Old Spice Cheer Squad pull for the Blue Demons.

Track Tricks and Treats on Halloween

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This Halloween, several members of the DePaul track team participated in "Trick-Or-Treating with Refugees," an event put on by the nonprofit refugee and immigrant services organization, RefugeeOne. Drew Edwards, a junior on the track and field squad and the team's Captain's Council representative, recapped the experience below.

The event was called "Trick-Or-Treating with Refugees," which is put on each year by RefugeeOne. The experience is oriented towards giving recently resettled (within one-to-three years) refugees an opportunity to take part in the marquee event of many Americans' childhoods in trick-or-treating.


For most of the kids, though, the concept is entirely foreign. Over 80 kids showed up and used donated costumes to put together something spooky, funny, or heroic to wear for the evening. The volunteers, whom we made up about half of, helped in every step along the way and each took between four and five kids through the neighborhood off of the Berwyn CTA Red Line stop for about 90 minutes.  

I think our group had a great experience. Aside from the laughs of helping put together costumes and the blessings of working with kids anytime, explaining the concept--walking up to a strangers door, saying "trick-or-treat?", receiving candy, and then saying "thank you" and moving on--is one of the greatest things in the world.  Hearing a kid say "I have too much candy, can we go back now?" is a concept foreign to each of us [volunteers] and was humbling for our team.

Seeing the joy in each kid's face of experiencing their first Halloween was truly something our group enjoyed. It had us swapping stories the entire 'L' ride home and into the next day at practice. 

More information on RefugeeOne can be found at


Anna Martin Checks in with Women's Basketball Fans - Nov. 8

I know this entry is a little late, but I wanted to share with our fans my trip to New York City for my first BIG EAST Conference Women's Basketball Media Day this past year with Keisha Hampton.  It was a trip that I will never forget.



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