Anna Martin Checks in with Women's Basketball Fans - Nov. 8

I know this entry is a little late, but I wanted to share with our fans my trip to New York City for my first BIG EAST Conference Women's Basketball Media Day this past year with Keisha Hampton.  It was a trip that I will never forget.

We started the day (Oct. 19) with an early practice and warmed-up to "It's a good day" by Peggy Lee, over the loud speakers.  Practice started earlier than usual since Coach Bruno, Keisha and I had an earlier flight to catch at O'Hare.  

Thumbnail image for MartinHamptonGMAWe arrived in New York City around 6 p.m, greeted by a car service that took us to the Grand Hyatt near Time Square.  Once we settled in our room, Keisha and I wanted to get a steak dinner. The weather was rainy, so we first went and bought matching umbrellas from a street vendor.  We then set off to explore Time Square and find something to eat. We ended up at BB Kings, and had calamari, filet mignon and southern bread pudding -- which Keisha had never had, but is one of my favorites!

Once we ate such a large meal we were both super tired and knew we had an early/long day tomorrow. Keisha's sister Kim took the train from Philly to come meet us and be Keisha's stylist, since she had the opening speech to give the next morning.  We were excited to see her!  Alicia, our women's basketball media person, told us earlier in the week she wanted to stop at Good Morning America before we had to be at BB Kings at 9:30 a.m. for the start of BIG EAST Media Days -- meaning we would need to be dressed and ready to go by 7:45, which if anyone knows how long I take to get ready- would be a very early morning! But it was well worth it.

Once we woke up and got ready, off we went to Good Morning America, hoping to meet Robin Roberts, who played women's basketball for Southeastern Louisiana University, but we did not know what to expect.  We stood in Time Square, behind the window where they were shooting. Fortunately for us, while we were waving, Robin spotted our DePaul logos, waved and had someone come and invite us to let us in the studio!

We were beyond excited, Robin was so sweet to talk to us about how much she missed playing and how we need to cherish the moments. She also talked about our majors and started teaching Keisha some post moves. It was so nice of her to take the time out of her day to talk and spend time with us, and I loved how genuine and down to earth she was.

Not wanting to leave the studio, we had to rush in order to make the media day on time and headed back to BB Kings and saw some friends from other teams around the BIG EAST. We sat in our assigned seats and Keisha gave her opening speech, she did such a good job - I was so proud!  After that, we did interviews for the next few hours, ate lunch, and headed to the airport.

It was a very quick trip but a memorable one to say the least!  Check out our photos from the trip.

Go DePaul!
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