Ben and Erik in Paris - Part 2

From late last week, DePaul golfers Ben Westley and Erik Peterson continue their studies in France while taking in as many sites as possible. They are in Paris taking an International Business Seminar class through Dec. 11. The class is taught by Dr. Steve Kelly at DePaul and Ben will check in periodically with updates on the events overseas.

Paris - Part Deux:

So our first week in Paris is coming to a close and it feels as though time is flying by too quickly. We're already halfway finished with the trip! It was not stop this week, with business visits every day and site-seeing during every other waking hour. Some of the businesses we saw included Carlson Wagonlit, Digitas, Veolia, and Publicis, which range in function from a massive business travel agency to a worldwide advertising holding company. The visits really gave us some interesting insights into how international businesses operate, and allowed a peek into what working for a large company is like.

Although it may be hard to believe, the business visits weren't the most exciting parts of the week. We went to some really cool sites and museums that were full of old artwork, statues and pieces of history. Probably the most famous pieces that we saw were the Mona Lisa and The Thinker. We also got to see Napoleon's tomb, which was one of the more impressive things we've seen on this trip. If you're not into the artwork, the buildings that they were inside of were impressive in their own right. It might literally take three days to walk around the Louvre and you still might not see everything.

More pictures to come in the future. We're looking forward to yet another busy and exciting week, including a trip up to the top of the famous Eiffel Tower. Until next time.

Ben & Erik



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