Ben and Erik in Paris

DePaul golf team members Ben Westley and Erik Peterson are currently taking a International Business Seminar class in Paris and will be there through Dec. 11. The class is taught by Dr. Steve Kelly at DePaul and Ben will check in periodically with updates on the events overseas.

Day 1
Today we arrived in Paris after an excruciatingly long flight, only to realize we had an entire day ahead of us. After unloading our things at the hotel, we walked to the Seine River, which divides the city, and took a boat tour to see many of the city's cultural landmarks. This included the city's most popular destination, and our personal favorite, the Eiffel Tower, which stands as tall as the Hancock!

We spent the rest of the day wandering through the city streets which can be extremely confusing. Every block has enough restaurants to make your head spin, along with old-fashioned bookstores and cafes. Luckily, our professor used some local knowledge and we got to eat at a really nice restaurant with all of our classmates. Some of us even got to try some classic French escargot.

Both of us are looking forward to catching up on some sleep and getting rid of the jet lag.  The next two weeks are going to be busy, with numerous business visits scheduled and more landmarks to visit. Also, can't wait to eat all of the bread and cheese Paris has to offer.

Signing out for now.

Ou Au Revoir,

Ben & Erik



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