Golf in Paris - Ben Recaps the Trip

Ben and Erik's Paris and Germany Photo Gallery

Well our stint in Europe has finally reached its end. In our last week we spent what seemed like half of our time on trains traveling from city to city. We started out in Amsterdam, where we spent our time walking around the canals and exploring the city as well as some time in what has to be one of the nicer zoos there is. The rainforest building has no dividers between you and the animals, meaning there are monkeys literally walking around your feet!

From there we headed to Kiel, Germany, where we met up with fellow teammate Moritz Ackerhans, who showed us around his city. His mom was nice enough to provide us with our first home cooked meal in about two and a half weeks, and it was absolutely delicious. Next, we took the 8 hour train ride South to Augsburg (also in Germany) to visit another teammate, freshman Jan Julicher. He showed us what a real Bavarian meal is like at a traditional restaurant near his house (a picture of the meal is included). It was one of the most intimidating, impressive, and filling dinners I've ever eaten. He also took us on a tour of a local brewery, which was a very cool experience. After spending the night, we took yet another train to a town called Wurzburg where got to see our friend Maximillian Mayer, whom we hadn't seen for far too long. Our time with Max was great and was capped off by another delicious meal, prepared by Mrs. Mayer herself.

Our last night in Europe was spent where it all began, Paris. We stayed in a hostel and caught up on some much needed sleep before waking up at 5 a.m. to catch our flight back to Chicago. All in all, this trip has been an eye opening and incredible experience for both of us. It is unfortunate that it has come to a close but we are both looking forward to getting home for Christmas and spending time with family.

To give a broader view of our trip we've included several photos taken throughout our time in Europe. Happy holidays to all, and we look forward to seeing everybody after break!

Ben & Erik



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