Katherine Harry Checks in with Women's Basketball Fans -- Dec. 1


Hello Women's Basketball Fans!

It's been a little while since we've had a blog so I'll try to catch you guys up on what's been going on in Lincoln Park!

Our season has officially started! We had our first games of the season in the Maggie Dixon

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Classic, in which we took home the trophy! I love getting the chance to play in this tournament every year because it is in memory of someone who meant so much to our DePaul program and it's a chance to compete against some great competition. Chanise, Anna, and Keisha were all named to the all-tournament team but we couldn't have won the tournament without the help of everybody on the team!

Our Maggie tournament ended on Saturday and on Tuesday we were leaving for Hawaii! We were all so excited to be going but the trip was right during the middle of finals so we really had to crack down and get our homework and finals done -- we not only compete on the court, but in the classroom!

In preparing for Hawaii, everybody got out some of their summer clothes and packed their suits for some beach and pool time. It was funny to watch Anna put on some of her summer dresses and see which ones she decided to take. I was joking with her that her bag was going to be overweight - however, it was actually my bag that ended up being 10 pounds over! I still haven't heard the end of that!

On Tuesday morning we got up early and left for the airport. Everybody was excited to be leaving Chicago's November weather and head to paradise for a week! The flight was around eight hours, but we had lots to keep us busy. I chose to watch a few movies (Bridesmaids of course!), read some of my book, finish my last final, and of course, sleep! Chanise and I sat next to each other and I think she slept the whole time!

Once we stepped off the plane, everybody livened up and could not wait to get to the hotel and explore what Hawaii had to offer. Our first night there, we all headed to dinner together and then a couple of us decided to venture down to the beach to swim in the ocean and then hit up the hot tub before crashing in bed.

While in Hawaii, we got to take a special tour of Pearl Harbor thanks to Peter Tombasco's connections. We meet at the admiral's boathouse and took one of those boats out onto the harbor to the USS Arizona. It was so neat to experience that with my teammates and it is something I will never forget. So many men have died for us and our freedom, and this was a great reminder of how privileged and lucky we are today.

We also went out on a dinner cruise - which was definitely one of my favorite memories of the trip. We had a great host, "Cousin Saul", who was making us laugh the whole night.  He even got Ciara to dance with him during the dance competition. It was fun to be around each other off the court because we all get along so well with each other.

However, the trip was about basketball and we had to take care of business, too. We lost our first game to a talented San Diego State team, but we had two more chances to bounce back and we came back to Chicago 2-1 on the weekend. We beat Portland and the host Hawaii. Even though we lost our first game, we still ended up in a three-way tie for first place, but we did not come home with the trophy because of the point differential. Keisha and Anna were named to the all-tournament team and we learned a lot about our team and how we can handle adversity. I see a great season ahead of us!

Since getting back from Hawaii, we had a week to prepare for our next game against one of our crosstown rival, Northwestern. Also during this week was one of my favorite holidays -- Thanksgiving! I am fortunate to have family that lives in the area so I was able to go to their house and spend Thanksgiving with them.  My immediate family also came up for the weekend.  After Thanksgiving, it was time to focus back on Northwestern. It was a competitive game and we came out on top. I'm really proud of the way we all came together and everybody contributed to the win!

For your reference, Anna is my roommate. We have been roommates since freshmen year and I love the girl to death. We get along so well, but there are still some things that we do not see eye-to-eye on; one of those things is Christmas music.  Anna LOVES Christmas music and would play it all of November and December if I let her. On the other hand, well, I guess you could call me Scrooge when it comes to Christmas music. I love the holiday and all that it stands for, but I have a hard time listening to Christmas music like she does.  I told her that starting the first of December, she could start listening to it in the room. Since yesterday was the first, you can probably hear the Christmas music down the hallway from our room and possibly on Sheffield Avenue. I am sitting at my desk right now, listening to Mariah Carey's Christmas album and watching Anna dance around the room. Quite the show, if you ask me.

On Wednesday night, Anna, Deanna, Maureen, Alexa, Megan, Chanise and I all watched the movie 'Elf.' I find the movie to be absolutely hilarious and ended up quoting the movie all night.  We also made hot chocolate and holiday cookies for the occasion. Spending time with each other is something we all love doing.

Anna and I are about to head out to do a little Christmas shopping. We do Secret Santa every year within the team and I am not sure what to get my person this year -- but I am sure I will find something good!  We are also going to do a little Christmas surprise for our friends and family. When we reveal our surprise, I will be sure to share it with all of our DePaul friends and family!

Back to basketball... we play Loyola, another Chicago rival on Saturday and would love to see you all of you at the game, cheering us on to another victory. The game is at 7 p.m. at McGrath-Philips Arena.

If you cannot make it to the Loyola game, there are more chances coming up this week! We open BIG EAST play against St. Johns on Wednesday at NOON! That game is going to be a fun because all of the area schools bring students and it makes for a great atmosphere.  We also play SIU- Edwardsville on Friday and that game tips at 7 p.m. While at the games, check out our new video board! I can assure you that there will be some funny videos coming up on that thing!

We have a lot of exciting games coming up this month so make sure to check back! Also, some of my teammates and I are on Twitter so if you guys want to follow what our days are like on a daily basis, check us out on there!

Check out some pictures  from our trip to Hawaii.

Go DePaul!

Katherine Harry



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