Katherine Harry Checks in with Women's Basketball Fans - March 1

Wow wow wow, where do I even begin!? First, let me apologize for neglecting this blog for so long! I know it's been since December that I've last updated you guys and there has been a lot going on in Lincoln Park!

Monday night was our senior night in which we honored Taylor Pikes, Keisha Hampton, Maureen Mulchrone, Deanna Ortiz and our manager Brittany Nicholson as well as all of the senior band members, cheerleaders and dancers. We got a much needed win heading into the BIG EAST Championship this weekend and got to spend time with our seniors families and those closest to them. I'll be sad to see them go but we have so much more basketball in our future this year!

In our flight home from Louisville over the weekend, we had some of the coolest pilots in the game. They left the cockpit door open so we could watch them fly the plane and see them work during takeoff and landing. Megan, Deanna, and I walked up during the flight to watch them fly the plane. We got to talk to them and see how the plane worked. Now, De and Meg are talking about becoming pilots!

While we were in South Bend for our game against Notre Dame, Kelsey Reynolds' family had us over for dinner before the game! We all piled into the bus and headed to Granger for some Jimmy's ribs and pizza as well as pasta and salad. We all had a great time sitting around the table with each other and just hanging out at Kelsey's house. Kelsey's sister is into horse jumping so we went to the barn to check out the horses. Little did I know that I would be attacked by barn cats that ended up climbing all over me and just chilling on my neck.

Some of you may know, but I have an aunt that lives in the area that I get to visit pretty often. Well, one day when I was at her house I decided to get a puzzle from their basement to bring back to school for me and my friend Mary Connolly on the softball team to do. We started working on the puzzle and completed the whole border. Then, my teammates came over and started working on the puzzle. Deanna, Megan, Kelsey, MoMo, Keisha, Tay, and Brittany all pitched in to finish the first puzzle. Since then, we have become addicted to doing puzzles! One night we were kind of bored so we went to Barnes and Noble to get another puzzle. We worked on the puzzle for 3 hours that night and again 2 days later and finished the puzzle in just 2 days! Anna has banned us from doing puzzles in 406, even putting up a sign and locking the puzzlers out. The sign said, "No Puzzles Allowed XXX"

Well that about rounds it out for what's been going on here with us. We're headed to the Big East tournament this weekend. Wish us luck!

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