Katherine Harry Checks in with Women's Basketball Fans - May 17

Hello women's basketball fans! Happy spring!

It's been quite a while since I've written and we have a lot to catch up on! As you all know, our season ended in the second round of the NCAA tournament with a loss to Tennessee. Losses are always hard and they are especially hard when it's the end of the season and you are losing a great group of seniors. Even though three of our seniors couldn't play this year due to injury, they were still a fantastic group that I'm so happy to have gotten to know. I'm going to miss them for sure!

6085792.jpegSince our season has ended, we have been busy!

During our break, our ex-teammate Felicia Chester got married to Bears' defensive end Corey Wootton.  Anna (Martin), Maureen (Mulchrone), Taylor (Pikes), Keisha (Hampton), and I all went to the wedding along with Deirdre Naughton, Sam Quigley, and Rachel Pierson who were all in Felicia's wedding party. Coach Bruno was also there! We had a great time at the ceremony and dinner and danced the night away! It was one of the best weddings I've ever been to and I'm so happy for them!

The next morning after the wedding I had to get up early and headed back home for Easter weekend! I was super excited to get home and spend a few days with my family and friends. I get to see my mom pretty often during the season, okay about twice a week, but I don't get to see my siblings or my dad very much. Even though it was a short trip, I love that I get the chance to go home in the spring.

Thumbnail image for Horse.jpgThe next weekend, a big group of us headed down to Lexington, Kentucky to Anna's house for a little southern weekend! Anna, Maureen, Megan (Rogowski), Kelsey Smith, Alexa (Gallagher), and I along with Deirdre drove down to Lexington on Friday afternoon after our workout and got to hang out with Anna's family at her house for a bit. We had s'mores and sat around a bonfire for a few hours on Friday night after her dad gave us some lessons on horse racing -- which was the real reason we were in town!

On Saturday was Keeneland, which is kind of like a smaller version of the Kentucky Derby. We were all so excited to get all dressed up and head to the track for some southern fun. We got up early on Saturday and headed out to the tracks to hang out for a bit before the races actually started. After a little scare with rain, the weather turned out beautifully and we enjoyed the day.

After a full day of fun on Saturday, we got up on Sunday to a nice big breakfast and headed to a baseball game before heading back to Chicago. I can't speak for the rest of the girls but I know I had an amazing weekend and I wish we could go back!

IMG_1246.JPGWe've also been doing some community service this spring! We participated in Misericordia Candy Days at Union Station downtown. We were up early on a Friday morning to "shake the can" and get some donations for the Misericordia home. Misericordia is a home for children and adults with special needs where they can live and work. Some of the residents from Misericordia were there with us and it was fun to interact with them! I think we raised quite a bit of money and it was good to get our faces out in the crowd.

IMG_1261.JPGThe next weekend we also took part in Vincentian Service Day. Vincentian Service Day is put on by DePaul University for the students, faculty and staff to get out and volunteer in the community. This year we helped break the record for the number of students volunteering! After meeting with all the students in the Quad, we headed out to our site on the Northwest side of Chicago. This year, we helped clean up foreclosed homes. We cleaned up the outside of the homes by sweeping up debris and cleaning the yards. Kelsey Reynolds and I did a pretty great job with the hedge trimmer- we are even thinking about starting up a landscaping business! Just kidding!

That's about the most of the exciting stuff that's been going on around this neighborhood. We have been working out together doing lifting and conditioning with our strength coach Jimmy (Duba). We've also been partaking in 'skill' workouts with the coaches. We can only have groups of four on the court together at one time with the coaches and only for two hours a week. Even though we have a short amount of time with our coaches, we are working hard to get ready for next season.

I think that about sums it up for what we have been up to in Lincoln Park.

Check back in soon for more updates!
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