Men's Golf Blog: Moritz Ackerhans

Dear fellow Blue Demon fans! 

My teammate Jan Juelicher and I (feel free to call me Mo or Moritz) will keep you updated with the latest stories about our DePaul Golf team. As you know, as golfers we are in season all summer long. Check out our stories as we prepare for our college season which starts in September!

Every student knows how it feels to be done with finals just before summer break -- it is an amazing feeling! Unfortunately this exciting feeling is always linked to the unpleasant act of moving out all the stuff from the dorm. Which every year it seems like there is more and more stuff to move...

With an incredibly heavy suitcase and an even heavier golf travel bag, I hopped on my plane to Frankfurt, Germany before taking another plane to Hamburg where my brother, Victor, waited at the airport to pick me up. I hadn't seen him for six months so there was lot to talk about during the one-hour drive to my hometown, Kiel.

Today is Tuesday, so you probably wonder what I did since the weekend. Well, I slept. Those who have experienced jet lag before understand what I am talking about. This however didn't keep me from doing my favorite thing in the world, playing golf.  Every Tuesday and Thursday during break I practice and compete with my home club team from GC Altenhof. We practice from 5-7 p.m. and have a workout right after the practice on the driving range. Of course I play more on my own in addition to that. Check out my pictures below during one of my workouts -- I put in some acrobatic stuff, just for you of course! I wouldn't recommend doing that exercise on your own. You will see why...

I know my teammates well enough to guarantee that they are practicing and playing a lot to keep up the good work after our sixth-place finish at the BIG EAST Championship in April. Together we are all very excited to welcome our incoming freshmen Jonathan Goldstein, Jonathan Hewett, James Lelliott and Paul Tardella. I am looking forward to meeting you in September!

Until next time, and enjoy your warm summer days, hopefully at the right place -- the golf course!

Go Blue,
Moritz Ackerhans




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