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Hey Blue Demon fans, this is Megan Rogowski, also known by my teammates and coaches as "Rogo." Even though our season ended a couple of months ago, that does not mean you will be out of the loop from your favorite women's basketball team!  Check out my monthly blog to see what my teammates and I have been up to! 

On Friday, May 31 after our last day of a tough, but successful spring workouts, the Captains' Council brought back (my first) Field Day!  Originally Field Day was supposed to be held outside on Wish Field -- home of men's and women's soccer -- but due to inclement weather, Field Day was set up inside McGrath-Phillips Arena - our home floor!  

Field Day was filled with fun for all DePaul student-athletes -- check out the photos below! Inside McGrath-Phillips was an inflatable obstacle course, inflatable velcro wall, and an inflatable bungee run with basketball hoop at the end so we could slam-dunk!  On the other courts, intense games of knockout and dodgeball were going on with competitive student-athletes.

Our entire team was all around the gym during field day! Kelsey Reynolds, Jasmine Penny and Brittany Hrynko were stuck to the Velcro wall. Katherine Harry and Jas (Jasmine Penny) were throwing Britt as high as they could; it was a sight to see.  Kelsey Reynolds and I competed -- and obviously won -- in a game of dodge ball with our fellow DePaul athletes.  We dodged-dipped-dived-ducked and won!   

Food was also served during Field Day, and you know us athletes enjoyed the food!  There were hotdogs, popcorn, snow cones and cotton candy!  I didn't see much of Chanise Jenkins in the gym during Field Day -- I just assume she was hanging out in the Foyer where all the food was.  Chanise LOVES to eat, but we all do so it's okay Chanise.

It was obvious that the student-athletes enjoyed Field Day.  It was a great opportunity for the student-athletes to join together and have some fun off of the competition field.  It is funny, though, how competitive everyone is even with fun little games. You can't take the competitor out of the student-athlete.

It was also nice to have a day filled with laughs and fun before the stress of finals week approaches at DePaul. Once finals week is completed, our team will stay a few extra days to work the DePaul Team Camp as well as the Elite Camp.  Then we head home, free for four weeks before returning for summer session two and a little summer school with our incoming freshman.  But don't you worry; we will still be working hard even though we will be home on summer break! 

Until next time and as always, go Blue Demons!
#21 Megan Rogowski 

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