Women's Basketball Blog: Chanise Jenkins

What's up Blue Demons fans! It's me, Chanise Jenkins, also known as "Trixy" to my teammates and coaches. Even though the women's basketball season ended a couple months ago, being a student-athlete is a yearly duty. I am currently enrolled into summer school, and I work out religiously to prepare for next season. This past weekend was one to remember, and I am proud to say "I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!"

My four-day weekend consisted of nonstop basketball that tested my leadership and patience skills. I had the opportunity to work Doug Bruno camp at North Central College with my teammate Centrese McGee. We demonstrated various ball-handling, shooting, and other fundamental drills to children between the ages of 7-17. The task was not easy, but I enjoyed watching the campers improve and grow as the days went along.

Not only were the children fun to be around, but also a few DePaul alumni were there to help out. I was a camp counselor along with former Blue Demon standouts Kim Williams, Lenae Williams, Keisha Hampton, three-time All-American Khara Smith and Ciara Johnson. It was an honor and pleasure to be in the presence of pro-athletes and other talented volunteers. Their commitment and love for the game is what brought them back to teach children, who will one day be in all of our footsteps.

Like many of the children at the camp, I, once too was a camper. I attended Doug Bruno camp when I was 11. Being back at the camp brought so many memories back, and I cannot help but smile. Now, my younger sister, Ryan Jenkins, attends the camp at 11 years old. She now follows my footsteps and I hope she will be as successful and more when she gets older. I give back because I am an idol to many, and I intend to portray myself as a positive, goal-oriented woman that will influence others to do the same.

I hope Doug Bruno camp changed the lives of many campers there, like it did when I was 11!

Always and forever a Blue Demon!
#13 Chanise "Trixy" Jenkins




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