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Hello Blue Demon fans!

This is Jan Juelicher from the Golf team. I hope all of you find some time to enjoy the summer or make at least make use of these far too frequent rainy and cloudy summer days.

Even though the golf season ended a couple months ago, I have kept myself busy. After school finished in June, I flew to Honduras with the DePaul Microfinance Global Brigade. What an incredible experience!

Global Brigades is the world's largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization. Under its holistic model, which focuses on the gradual establishment of civilization through various brigades such as microfinance, water, architecture, law, public health etc., Global Brigades sends groups of students into countries in Central America and Africa. 

As a part of the microfinance brigade in Honduras, we paired up with the brigade form UCLA. After we met the members of the community El Hute, located in the mountains south of the capital Tegucigalpa, we worked out a financial plan on how to help several families individually and how to improve the capital expenditures and the loan system of the newly established bank.

Global Brigades is not about collecting money for donations for poor communities, but about a way to develop a self-sustainable system. The long-term goal is to build up micro-economies, which will then interconnect to a whole economical system to promote a higher quality lifestyle.

Being apart of the brigade was a one in a lifetime experience, which I recommend to everyone! The experience will have a long-lasting influence on my attitude towards money, needs and expectations.

Back from Honduras, Golf took over my life again. My German club team plays in the first Division and we seek to stay up in the league. As a consequence we have a lot of practice to get perfectly prepared for the last two tournament days. In addition, I will start both with online summer classes and my internship soon.

It's been real. We'll talk soon.

As always, go Blue Demons!


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