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Hello Blue Demons fans,

Hope this blog entry finds everyone enjoying their summer and getting a couple rounds of golf.  As Jan mentioned in his last blog, the summer in Germany has been rainy and cold... UNTIL NOW! It is only mid-July and temperatures start have started to rise into the 70s. What a relief!  

All jokes aside, the past 10 days have been beautiful and have made all the golf courses in northern Germany firm and dry. I was able to play a lot of golf and get in some practice before some big events here in Germany -- one of which was last weekend.  My home club had the honor and the great challenge of hosting the German Club Team Championship. The best female and male players from northern Germany participated on behalf of their home clubs. Think of it like the BIG EAST Championship, but just for northern Germany.

My home club and all the volunteers put on a great event and motivated nearly 1,500 spectators to come and watch the best amateur golf northern Germany has to offer. It was truly an amazing feeling to be part of this!  If you are wondering how I did -- I finished with three bogeys and shot a 71 (-1) and finished in seventh place.  A 68 (-4) captured championship honors.

Besides being on the golf course, I was able to experience some delicious food -- typical for northern Germany. Food has always been important to me. Not only is it fun to cook different stuff, but it also brings people together in a pleasant and casual way. Food is brilliant if you ask me!

A couple of weeks ago I spent some days on an island called "Sylt." You should Google it!  Sylt is a beautiful place (check out the photo below) and full of great restaurants that serve fish in all different ways.  I hope that I am spurring your appetite for fish because it is just great and one of my favorite foods. 

See you next time and Go Blue!


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