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Hello Blue Demon Fans,

It's Brittany Hrynko again and with summer school not starting until July 22, I have been at home in Philadelphia enjoying time with friends and family.  I am especially enjoying my time with the newest addition to our family, my nephew Haiden!

Even though it is our summer break and we are able to get away from campus, it is not in my heart to take off a complete month without working to get better! At home in Philly, I have been spending time with my family and also working out to better myself for the upcoming season.  I have been working out at my high school and have also gone to local universities, to play pick up so that I will stay fit and ready for what is in store for when I get back.

My cousin Shanna just had a birthday this past Friday and my family all came together and celebrated with her. The best part of getting to come home is just spending time with family and enjoying what you have been missing while you were at school working hard in the classroom and also on the court.

Although, I missed home and couldn't wait to get back to Philadelphia, I now miss my DePaul family.  Being away from my teammates is not easy because they are like my sisters.  There is just something missing that I cannot just walk next door or upstairs to their dorm rooms and say "hi". I also miss Coach Bruno! I miss making him laugh and also taking in everything that he says and teaches.  Coach Bruno not only makes me a better player but a better person as well!

Overall, I have been enjoying my little vacation, but it is about that time for me to get back to school so that my teammates and I could pick up where we left off. I am very excited to get back and lead my team so that once the season comes around, we will be ready! 

Always great to check in, I will write again next month!

Remember, Bring the Blue!
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