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Women's Basketball Blog: Jasmine Penny

Hey Blue Demon fans!

This is Jasmine Penny, writing to you for the first time this year. It is my senior year and season is fast approaching! I know my roommate Kelsey Reynolds has been entertaining everyone with her blogs and believe me, she loves to tell me about it.  She is a tough act to follow, but I am up for the challenge. Although, Kelsey doesn't talk much, she can write for days! 

Women's Basketball Blog: Kelsey Reynolds

So we meet again, Blue Demon fans...

This is Kelsey Reynolds writing to you from the comfort of my own dorm room. After a 20-day stint at home, the team is back on campus and ready for the start of the quarter. I absolutely love being home, but by the end of break, my parents were busy working and my sisters were back at school. That left me home alone, bored, and talking to my dog. Needless to say, I am glad I am back at school and socializing with my teammates instead of a yellow lab.



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