Women's Basketball Blog: Jasmine Penny

Hey Blue Demon fans!

This is Jasmine Penny, writing to you for the first time this year. It is my senior year and season is fast approaching! I know my roommate Kelsey Reynolds has been entertaining everyone with her blogs and believe me, she loves to tell me about it.  She is a tough act to follow, but I am up for the challenge. Although, Kelsey doesn't talk much, she can write for days! 

Since Kelsey has written to you the team has been back in our daily routine. Classes have started back, skill workouts with the coaches have begun, we continue to lift and condition condition, play open gyms and had our first practice of the season over the weekend.

Over the summer we got a new strength coach - Chris - and everyone loves her, even though she kills us and is definitely been whipping us into shape. Chris is a fun person to be around, but always pushes us much further then we think we can go.  Whether it is on the court doing "Chris Dresher" ladders or in the weight room where we can pick our own music except country which makes me happy, because I am not a fan of country music she is always pushing us to get stronger and quicker.

In the last couple weeks we have had two birthdays -- Brandi Harvey Carr and Brooke Schulte (pictured below). Last year, Coach Bruno introduced us to a new birthday chant, so after a workout or practice when someone has a birthday, we circle up and then begin clapping together and yell "run around the room, run around the room, run around the room or we won't shut up"! So the person with the birthday has to skip around the circle a couple times while we yell like crazy people!

As I mentioned before, the season is right around the corner and one way we as players can tell is "new gear". Anytime we come in the locker room and have new things in our locker it is like the highlight of the day -- new shoes and shorts -- so exciting, right?!
Overall, everything has been going great so far. The team is coming together and getting closer by the day on and off the court. As a senior captain, I can say that I am proud of my teammates for all the hard work that we have been putting in.

With that being said, I'm out! Until next time Blue Demon fans...

Jasmine Penny #31

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