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Golf Blog: Moritz Ackerhans

Dear Blue Demon Fans,

It has been awhile since you last heard from us, so I hope this entry makes up for all the waiting...

Golf Blog: Moritz Ackerhans

Hello Blue Demons Fans,

As we approach September and the beginning of another exciting school year, many DePaul athletes go through their preseason in preparation for this fall. Golf, however, has been in season all summer so we are excited to begin our fall season.

Golf Blog: Jan Juelicher

Hello Blue Demon Fans,

This is Jan reporting for duty! Its unbelievable that there is a little less than one month until school starts again and just a little longer until we tee off at our first tournament. I can't wait to come back to the Windy City and see everyone again.

Golf Blog: Mortiz Ackerhans

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Hello Blue Demons fans,

Hope this blog entry finds everyone enjoying their summer and getting a couple rounds of golf.  As Jan mentioned in his last blog, the summer in Germany has been rainy and cold... UNTIL NOW! It is only mid-July and temperatures start have started to rise into the 70s. What a relief!  

Men's Golf Blog: Moritz Ackerhans

Dear fellow Blue Demon fans! 

My teammate Jan Juelicher and I (feel free to call me Mo or Moritz) will keep you updated with the latest stories about our DePaul Golf team. As you know, as golfers we are in season all summer long. Check out our stories as we prepare for our college season which starts in September!

Golf in Paris - Ben Recaps the Trip

Ben and Erik's Paris and Germany Photo Gallery

Well our stint in Europe has finally reached its end. In our last week we spent what seemed like half of our time on trains traveling from city to city. We started out in Amsterdam, where we spent our time walking around the canals and exploring the city as well as some time in what has to be one of the nicer zoos there is. The rainforest building has no dividers between you and the animals, meaning there are monkeys literally walking around your feet!

From there we headed to Kiel, Germany, where we met up with fellow teammate Moritz Ackerhans, who showed us around his city. His mom was nice enough to provide us with our first home cooked meal in about two and a half weeks, and it was absolutely delicious. Next, we took the 8 hour train ride South to Augsburg (also in Germany) to visit another teammate, freshman Jan Julicher. He showed us what a real Bavarian meal is like at a traditional restaurant near his house (a picture of the meal is included). It was one of the most intimidating, impressive, and filling dinners I've ever eaten. He also took us on a tour of a local brewery, which was a very cool experience. After spending the night, we took yet another train to a town called Wurzburg where got to see our friend Maximillian Mayer, whom we hadn't seen for far too long. Our time with Max was great and was capped off by another delicious meal, prepared by Mrs. Mayer herself.

Our last night in Europe was spent where it all began, Paris. We stayed in a hostel and caught up on some much needed sleep before waking up at 5 a.m. to catch our flight back to Chicago. All in all, this trip has been an eye opening and incredible experience for both of us. It is unfortunate that it has come to a close but we are both looking forward to getting home for Christmas and spending time with family.

To give a broader view of our trip we've included several photos taken throughout our time in Europe. Happy holidays to all, and we look forward to seeing everybody after break!

Ben & Erik

Ben and Erik in Paris - Part 3

The week is coming to a close, and it couldn't have gone any faster.  We had another successful and exciting several days, where we got to see even more amazing parts of France.  Wednesday we traveled to Sciences Po, a renowned school located in Paris, where we ran into our old friend and DePaul alum Selma, who graduated last year after playing women's tennis.  We got to catch up with Selma, have lunch with some students, and take a tour of her new school.
Later in the week we got to share a few more experiences.  Friday we went to the Taittinger Champagne cellars, located East of Paris in a town called Reims.  We witnessed the years of work put into producing a single bottle of Champagne, and it's really pretty incredible. 
Finally, on Saturday, the class portion of our trip came to a close.  A small group of us went to Versailles to check out the massive castle and gardens.  We even brought some lunch and ate out in the courtyard.  That evening we had our final meal as a group at the oldest restaurant in Paris, La Petit Chaise.  It was spectacular; I never knew food could taste so good.
It's sad to be leaving Paris, but the two of us are now on our way to meet up with our teammates in Germany and see how they live over here. Don't worry, we'll be coming back with lots of pictures.
Erik & Ben

Ben and Erik in Paris - Part 2

From late last week, DePaul golfers Ben Westley and Erik Peterson continue their studies in France while taking in as many sites as possible. They are in Paris taking an International Business Seminar class through Dec. 11. The class is taught by Dr. Steve Kelly at DePaul and Ben will check in periodically with updates on the events overseas.

Paris - Part Deux:

So our first week in Paris is coming to a close and it feels as though time is flying by too quickly. We're already halfway finished with the trip! It was not stop this week, with business visits every day and site-seeing during every other waking hour. Some of the businesses we saw included Carlson Wagonlit, Digitas, Veolia, and Publicis, which range in function from a massive business travel agency to a worldwide advertising holding company. The visits really gave us some interesting insights into how international businesses operate, and allowed a peek into what working for a large company is like.

Although it may be hard to believe, the business visits weren't the most exciting parts of the week. We went to some really cool sites and museums that were full of old artwork, statues and pieces of history. Probably the most famous pieces that we saw were the Mona Lisa and The Thinker. We also got to see Napoleon's tomb, which was one of the more impressive things we've seen on this trip. If you're not into the artwork, the buildings that they were inside of were impressive in their own right. It might literally take three days to walk around the Louvre and you still might not see everything.

More pictures to come in the future. We're looking forward to yet another busy and exciting week, including a trip up to the top of the famous Eiffel Tower. Until next time.

Ben & Erik

Ben and Erik in Paris

DePaul golf team members Ben Westley and Erik Peterson are currently taking a International Business Seminar class in Paris and will be there through Dec. 11. The class is taught by Dr. Steve Kelly at DePaul and Ben will check in periodically with updates on the events overseas.

Day 1
Today we arrived in Paris after an excruciatingly long flight, only to realize we had an entire day ahead of us. After unloading our things at the hotel, we walked to the Seine River, which divides the city, and took a boat tour to see many of the city's cultural landmarks. This included the city's most popular destination, and our personal favorite, the Eiffel Tower, which stands as tall as the Hancock!

We spent the rest of the day wandering through the city streets which can be extremely confusing. Every block has enough restaurants to make your head spin, along with old-fashioned bookstores and cafes. Luckily, our professor used some local knowledge and we got to eat at a really nice restaurant with all of our classmates. Some of us even got to try some classic French escargot.

Both of us are looking forward to catching up on some sleep and getting rid of the jet lag.  The next two weeks are going to be busy, with numerous business visits scheduled and more landmarks to visit. Also, can't wait to eat all of the bread and cheese Paris has to offer.

Signing out for now.

Ou Au Revoir,

Ben & Erik

Greg Doherty Makes Canadian Tour Debut

Former DePaul golfer Greg Doherty made his Canadian Professional Golf Tour debut last week at the Seaforth Country Classic in Seaforth, Ontario. The Canadian native just missed the cut by two strokes and finished in a tie for 61st place after two rounds.

After shooting a 71 in his first Canadian Tour round, Doherty made a run for the weekend with a 67 on Friday. Click here to check out Doherty's player page on
Men's golf senior Charles Boucher checked in at Under the "L" with a recap of the fall season. The Blue Demons return to the course for the spring campaign in February at The Match Play in Tampa, Fla.

Traveling to the Georgetown Intercollegiate is probably one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of the year. The afternoon we arrived in Washington D.C., we visited some of the most prestigious and renowned monuments in the nation's capital.

First stop: the Lincoln Monument. Built in honor of the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, we took pictures in front of the massive throne. The Lincoln Monument represents the values of honesty, integrity and humanity, which are also integrated in DePaul University's Mission.

Down the stairs, we took a team picture in front of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. In the background, the Washington Monument can be seen, built to commemorate General George Washington, the first President of the United States.

depaul_golf_gtown_2.jpgWalking through the National Mall, we then visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. A picture of the team was taken walking in front on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. We also walked by the National World War II Memorial. For all who served and are still serving, we say: "Thank You."

depaul_golf_gtown_3.jpgThen:  direction the White House. Heavy security surrounded the White House, but it was unique to stand in front of the official residence of the President of the United States. We were later amazed by the magnitude and architecture of the Capitol Building.

After walking by the Supreme Court, we finished our visit at the Library of Congress, the oldest federal cultural institution in the United States. The Library of Congress includes three buildings, Adams, Jefferson and Madison, respectively the second, third and fourth Presidents of the United States.

Ultimately, we visited impressive cultural and architectural monuments, but most importantly we learned about the stories of men and women at the foundation of the American society.  We went on to compete at the Georgetown Intercollegiate, and came back enriched with experiences and memories engraved for the rest of our lives.

Charles E. Boucher
Senior Member of the DePaul Golf Team

Notes and News on Sept. 20

Now that the new site has been up and running for a full weekend, we wanted to make sure you saw some of the new features.

The Sticky Bar - DePaul is one of the few CBS schools right now to feature the new "Sticky Bar." It stays at the bottom of the site even when you scroll down the page. It has links to buy tickets, to check out the new online store and links to DePaul's Twitter and Facebook pages. It also features live scoring updates.

Interactive Calendar and Scoreboard - DePaul is also one of a handful of sites to feature CBS's new flash calendars and scoreboard page. If you click on the calendar tab on the left side of the front page or sport page, you can see the calendar. You can view the scoreboard page here: Both of calendars feature in-game scores for games that have Gametracker coverage.

Check back often at as old features are updated and new features are being added.

Now on to the news. Here's a quick look at the weekend that was with some recent clips from around the world wide web...

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The DePaulia - Women fall 2-0 to Notre Dame

The DePaulia - Senior Kevin Briars returns after devastating injuries

Orlando Sentinel - Orlando Magic forward Quentin Richardson stands tall despite a life of soul-trying tragedy

Windy City Soccer - DePaul Peppers Panthers, but Lose



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