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Free Throws Galore and the Grandest Knock-Out of All

CHICAGO - DePaul University continued its celebration of the "POWER OF WE WEEK" with the second annual free throw marathon. Nearly 200 students, faculty and staff came together on Thursday to participate in the Free Throw Marathon.  This year the DePaul University community attempted 18,659 free throws!

The Free Throw marathon wasn't the only activity creating a buzz around campus. The event concluded with an attempt to break the world record for the biggest game of Knock-out.  In June, the New York Knicks set the record for the longest game of Knock-out played, with 101 contestants. But with the support of the DePaul staff, coaches, fans, and students, the record now belongs to DePaul!

With a total of 112 contestants the Knicks record was smashed Thursday night at McGrath Arena. The game featured players of various skill level and age. Approximately nine rotations were completed before the line was narrowed down to the final five players. Shots, rebounds, and put-backs were constant observances as each player fought to make it to the final round of two. Joe Anhalt was crowned the 2009 world record attempt Knock-out champion and Ryan Darcy was the runner- up. Third and fourth-place finishes went to Drew Olson and Alexander Ruiz, respectively.

For their efforts and skills on the hardwood Anhalt received a skybox at All State arena to one non-conference men's basketball game; Darcy was awarded court-side tickets to both a men's and women's basketball game; and both Olson and Ruiz received Free Throw Marathon jackets.




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