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Leadership Abounds in Captains' Council Cabinet
Edwind McGhee of men's basketball is vice-president of the 2012-13 Captain's Council.

Nov. 8, 2012

CHICAGO – The DePaul Athletic Department Captains’ Council is ready to delve into the 2012-13 season with initiatives and service projects that are the hallmark of Blue Demon student-athletes.

Heading up the Captains’ Council leadership cabinet is president Drew Edwards, a senior 400-meter athlete on the track and field team.

Edwards is a co-founder of Pangea Educational Development (PED), a nonprofit organization whose mission of empowering students and unifying communities includes an annual trip to Uganda for the construction of sustainable school sites in underprivileged areas.

“All the other team captains have such great respect for him and know he will walk the walk,” said DePaul Associate Athletic Director Kathryn Statz. “He is such a consensus builder and has been on Captains’ Council for more than two years.

“Drew is just cut from a different cloth. He is such a collaborator, a big-picture guy and a visionary who sees things in a different way.”

Vice-president and men’s basketball junior guard Edwind McGhee recently got together with Edwards to discuss ways they can work together.

“Edwind is a very special selection as a leader,” Statz said. “He is the first men’s basketball player to serve on the Captains’ Council cabinet in 11 years.

“That says a lot about how highly people think of him. He is very approachable and reliable. Our student-athletes can see how visible men’s basketball has been in terms of in community service.”

Secretary Samantha Dodd teamed up with Edwards in making the introduction of NCAA president Dr. Mark Emmert before his speech to Blue Demon student-athletes on Oct. 24 at McGrath-Phillips Arena.

“Sam Dodd and leadership just go together,” Statz said of the senior softball star. “She has been actively involved with Captain’s Council for more than a year.

“She is very candid and straightforward, and people appreciate that. She is very direct---our voice of realism.

“Sam also brings a lot of life and vitality into Captains’ Council with her engaging personality.”

Treasurer Katherine Harry lends a hard-working, blue-collar ethic to the cabinet, much as she does while rebounding down in the block for the women’s basketball team.

“We expect all of the officers to be fully engaged in various subcommittees, and Katherine will be good at any of them---whether it’s working with Blue Crew or organizing service projects,” Statz said of the senior center. “People look up to her.

“She is a teaching assistant for the Discover Chicago program and is really visible with the younger student-athletes.

“Katherine definitely gets what DePaul is all about.”

The final member of the Captains’ Council cabinet is external communications officer and senior middle blocker Rachel Aumann.

“Rachel has really emerged as a leader on our volleyball team and made quite a transformation into being more forceful,” Statz said. “She has a very poised style of leadership, and I find her to be very reliable.”



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