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DateTimeSportOpponentAll-AccessTVLive Stats
December 196:30 PMWBBConnecticut ListenSNYGametracker ESPN3
December 223:30 PMMBBColorado ListenESPNUGametracker
December 227:00 PMWBBHamptonWatch Gametracker
December 23TBAMBBvs George Washington or Ohio ListenESPNU
December 25TBAMBBvs Hawaii, Loyola Marymount, Nebraska or Wichita State ListenESPN2/ESPNU/ESPN3
December 282:00 PMWBBIllinois State Listen
December 314:00 PMMBBMarquette ListenFOX Sports 1Gametracker
January 26:00 PMWBBVillanova ListenGametracker
January 31:00 PMMBBXavier ListenFOX Sports 1Gametracker
January 44:00 PMWBBGeorgetown ListenGametracker
January 78:00 PMMBBCreighton ListenFOX Sports 1
January 97:00 PMWBBMarquette BIG EAST Digital NetworkGametracker
January 103:00 PMMBBVillanova ListenCBS Sports Network
January 112:00 PMWBBXavier Comcast SportsNet ChicagoGametracker
January 138:00 PMMBBGeorgetown ListenFOX Sports 1Gametracker
January 1610:30 AMWBBSt Johns BIG EAST Digital NetworkGametracker
January 181:30 PMMBBSt Johns ListenFOX Sports 1Gametracker
January 181:00 PMWBBSeton Hall ListenGametracker