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DateTimeSportOpponentAll-AccessTVLive Stats
August 297:00 PMMSOCMilwaukee Gametracker
August 293:00 PMWSOCTowson  Livestats
August 297:00 PMWVBStony BrookWatch Gametracker
August 3012:00 PMWVBBradleyWatch Gametracker
August 307:00 PMWVBHamptonWatch Gametracker
August 3112:00 PMWSOCLoyola Maryland Gametracker Watch
September 13:00 PMMSOCGreen Bay  Livestats
September 34:00 PMWSOCIllinois StateWatch Gametracker
September 55:00 PMMSOCUtah ValleyWatch Gametracker
September 71:00 PMMSOCWestern MichiganWatch Gametracker
September 73:30 PMWSOCMilwaukee Gametracker
September 141:00 PMWSOCLoyolaWatch Gametracker
September 1712:00 PMMSOCDrake UniversityWatch Gametracker
September 184:00 PMWSOCCincinnatiWatch Gametracker
September 196:30 PMWVBPenn State Gametracker
September 207:00 PMMSOCUIC Gametracker
September 247:00 PMMSOCNorthwestern Gametracker
September 254:00 PMWSOCGeorgetownWatch Gametracker
September 266:00 PMWVBSt Johns Gametracker
September 271:00 PMMSOCSeton HallWatch Gametracker
September 274:00 PMWVBProvidence Gametracker