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DateTimeSportOpponentAll-AccessTVLive Stats
October 247:00 PMWVBGeorgetown Gametracker
October 256:30 PMMSOCSt Johns Gametracker
October 2512:00 PMWSOCXavierWatch Gametracker
October 287:00 PMWBBSaint Xavier Gametracker
October 296:00 PMMSOCProvidence Gametracker
October 313:00 PMWSOCSt JohnsWatch BIG EAST Digital NetworkGametracker
October 317:00 PMWVBXavierWatch Gametracker
November 11:00 PMMSOCCreightonWatch Gametracker
November 17:00 PMWVBButlerWatch Gametracker
November 68:00 PMMBBLewis Gametracker
November 66:00 PMWBBRobert Morris Gametracker
November 77:05 PMMSOCMarquette Gametracker
November 77:00 PMWVBProvidenceWatch Gametracker
November 87:00 PMWVBSt JohnsWatch Gametracker
November 149:00 PMMBBUIC FOX Sports 2Gametracker
November 146:30 PMWBBTexas A&M BIG EAST Digital NetworkGametracker
November 156:30 PMWBBTexas-Pan American Gametracker
November 155:00 PMWVBSeton Hall Gametracker
November 164:30 PMWBBNew Mexico Gametracker
November 188:00 PMMBBDrake FOX Sports 1Gametracker
November 185:30 PMWBBBradley Gametracker
November 227:00 PMWBBSouth Dakota State Gametracker
November 226:00 PMWVBMarquette Gametracker