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Blue Demon Sports Performance Award

2012-13 Award Winners - Taylor Hynes (Cross Country/Track and Field) and Edwind McGhee (Men's Basketball)


This award is presented annually to one female and one male student athlete who consistently demonstrates the five qualities below. The sports performance staff refers to these qualities as the "5 Pillars of Team Weight Room Performance."


Attitude starts the moment a team walks into the weight room. Either the attitude is positive or negative. At any rate attitude is contagious. Therefore, one bad attitude can bring the whole team down. It boils down to being either a positive leader or a positive follower. A positive leader is the individual(s) who sets the tone for the group. The positive follower is the individual(s) who decides to jump on board. Take your choice, but do not bring the negative.


Without concentrated focus nothing positive can be accomplished. Weight room focus ought to duplicate both competition and team practice focus. The bottom line is that if focus is lost during competition, team practice, or weight room sessions, negative consequences occur. Be aware and do not lose focus.


Effort 100 percent of the time is essential for team weight room performance. Every moment during competition that is lost due to lack of effort may be the difference between winning and losing. This holds true in the weight room: Every set and rep that is lost due to lack of effort may be the difference between those small gains that make the big difference.


Discipline in the weight room is about consistently staying on task, keeping others on tasks, listening to and following the coach's instructions. The key with discipline is consistency, because without consistency discipline does not exist.


Both team and the individual productivity play a major role in deciding the outcome of weight room performance. Productivity is about efficiency and concentrating focus and effort on the proper tasks. Productivity allows the group to accomplish more in a timely manner.

Previous Award Winners

Sports Performance Awards
2012-2013: Taylor Hynes (Cross Country/Track and Field) and Edwind McGhee (Men's Basketball)

2011-2012: Morgan Celaya (Women's soccer) and Erik Peterson (Golf)

2010-2011: Sarah Shizas (Softball) and Matt Leinauer (Men's Soccer)

2009-2010: Sam Quigley (Women's Basketball) and Jim Theologes (Men's Track)

2008-2009: Amber Patton (Softball) and Patrick Hopkins (Men's Soccer)

2007-2008: Molly Borchardt (Women's Soccer) and Brent Zang (Men's Soccer)

2006-2007: Ciara Johnson (Women's Basketball) and Marcus Heard (Men's Basketball)

2005-2006: Kate Sheaks (Softball) and Lindsey Deason (Women's Track) and Matt McMahon (Golf)

2004-2005: Amy Holmes (Volleyball) and Mike Fessler (Men's Tennis) and Marlon Brumfield (Men's Basketball)

2003-2004: Lindsey Deason ( Women's Soccer) and Jarrod Jahnke (Men's Track)

2002-2003: Julianne Sitch (Women's Soccer) and Jon Foley (Men's Soccer)

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