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Keiser Performance Equipment

The DePaul Sports Performance Department understands that there are two components to any human movement and thus performance.  The first component is the amount of force you produce, and the second is the speed at which you produce it. We have recently renovated the weight room and outfitted it with the latest technology in exercise equipment. The backbone of the renovations revolved around adding Keiser equipment. The room was designed to maximize the use of our space, and is fully equipped with all the tools needed to maximize athletic performance.

Thanks to Keiser's Pneumatic Technology our student-athletes can train at any speed at any given resistance. By developing speed as well as strength, we are developing power. Research has shown that power is the key to human performance. Keiser's Pneumatic Technology removes momentum from the equation, which allows our student-athletes to train with a consistent variable resistance curve at any training speed. Training at faster speeds increase power development, and with virtually zero shock loading to connective tissues and joints, gives us the ability to train at any speed without fear of injury.

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