Sports Medicine

Policy on University Responsibilty to Injured Student-Athletes

Participation in intercollegiate athletics carries with it the inherent risk of injuries. Students participating as athletes assume certain risks that they may suffer injuries in connection with intercollegiate athletic activities. When such injuries occur, the University cannot assume indefinite responsibility for continuing medical care that might be subsequently required. Subject to the limitations stated hereinafter, however, the University does choose to accept certain limitations.

1. University Obligations. When a student-athlete is injured during practice, competition or University-sponsored travel to or from competition sanctioned by the Athletics Department, the University will provide the following assistance to the injured student-athlete. For the purposes of this policy, University-sanctioned activity includes all practices on University facilities of which the coach knows or should have known, NCAA-sanctioned practices, and any event to which a student-athlete travels with University support or financial assistance.

a. Athletic financial assistance in an amount no less than what the student-athlete was receiving at the time of the injury will be continued until the student-athlete receives his/her baccalaureate degree or through the fourth year of enrollment, whichever comes first.
b. Approved medical costs associated with the injury will be submitted to the student-athlete's personal insurance policy. Deductible costs or rejected claims will be covered by the University during the period the student-athlete is enrolled as well as summers and breaks between quarters. The University reserves the right to obtain independent opinions from medical staff of its choice about the necessity and reasonableness of any particular treatment of an injury.

2. Limitations. The foregoing is subject to the following limitations:

a. Any student-athlete who sustains an injury or has a diagnosed illness prior to enrollment at the University must notify his or her coach and athletic trainer. Without such notification, subsequent reinjury or exacerbation of the illness will not entitle the student-athlete to the benefits described in Part I of this policy, and even with prior notification, may not allow for coverage.
b. If appropriate, when the medical staff certifies that an injured student-athlete has recovered sufficiently to reasonably permit him or her to compete and that student-athlete nonetheless voluntarily chooses not to participate in athletics, the obligation of the University to provide medical care and financial aid is simultaneously terminated.
c. All treatment of injuries must be authorized or administered by the University. Any outside treatment obtained by an injured student-athlete without University authorization will not create an entitlement to reimbursement from the University.
d. A student-athlete injured in events or competition not conducted or sanctioned by the athletics department of the University is not eligible for continued assistance.
e. Subject to the provisions of the prevailing play or practice accident insurance policy, if an injured student-athlete withdraws or graduates from the University, provisions of medical care and financial aid will be terminated.
f. When an injured student-athlete completes a baccalaureate degree or a fifth year of enrollment, the University will consider its obligation to provide medical care and financial aid to terminate.
g. No provisions of this policy shall be interpreted to conflict with applicable NCAA regulations.

3. Non-athletically-related injuries and pre-existing injuries. The University has chosen to accept certain obligations for injuries sustained by student-athletes in connection with intercollegiate athletics activities. However, the University cannot accept responsibility for all injuries or illnesses suffered by student-athletes. The following is the University's policy regarding non-athletic related injuries and pre-existing injuries and illnesses.

a. The University assumes no responsibility for an injury sustained by a student-athlete while participating in a noncountable athletically related activity.
b. When a student-athlete sustains an injury or has a diagnosed illness prior to enrollment at the University, the University shall assume no liability for such injury or illness.

4. General Provisions

a. This policy is intended to be minimal, setting the limits to entitlement. The Director of Athletics may, at her discretion, extend aid to student-athletes whose coverage by this policy is uncertain or for other reasons she deems appropriate. In no event, however, may aid of any sort be extended beyond the fifth year of enrollment or a point at which a student-athlete receives a baccalaureate degree and completes his or her eligibility.
b. Copies of this policy are to be distributed to members of the coaching staff and to student-athletes and their parents.



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