Sports Medicine

Physician Referral Policy and Medical Disability Policy

Physician Referral Policy
The Athletics Department employs the services of physicians recognized as professionals in the field of sports medicine. They have been selected as departmental representatives based on their experience and demonstrated knowledge in athletic injury care.

Injured student-athletes will be referred to these team physicians through the Department of Sports Medicine. Medical release forms signed at physicals will allow for communication between physicians, trainers and coaches regarding the diagnosis and care for athletically-related injuries. Student-athletes who choose to see their private physician for athletic injuries must recognize the fact that communication and care for injuries by the athletic trainer is hampered when they do so. Valuable treatment and practice time is frequently lost and, for these reasons, this practice is discouraged.

Student-athletes may request a second opinion after seeing a physician. The athletic trainers will work with the physicians to arrange this referral. The person choosing to work individually and not through the athletic trainers for physician arrangements may assume financial responsibility for fees and testing.

Medical Disability Policy
This policy only applies to student-athletes who are injured while participating/competing in intercollegiate athletics and who, as a result, are rendered medically unable to continue athletic participation.

Student-athletes competing for the Athletics Department must assume that participation carries the risk of injury. Some injuries may prevent a student-athlete from continuing athletic participation. All such medical decisions will be rendered by attending physicians.

The following procedure will be followed to determine on a medical basis whether an injury is severe enough to preclude further athletic competition by a student-athlete:

1. The student-athlete must report to the head or assistant trainer.

2. An appointment will be made with a physician, orthopedic surgeon, or other applicable specialist to evaluate the injury in question.

3. A form will be completed and signed by the physician with his/her recommendation regarding the ability of the student-athlete to continue participation/competition.

4. If the student-athlete wishes to obtain a second opinion, the referral must be made through the sports medicine staff.



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