Sports Medicine

Privacy of Student-Athletes

The Department of Sports Medicine is required by law to have protected access to all medical and billing information. Therefore the following rules will be strictly enforced:

1. No persons other than the medical staff will be allowed in the training room staff work area.

2. All medical insurance matters and billing questions must go through the Department of Sports Medicine. Coaches and other staff members should not respond to questions about billing.

3. Student-athletes are required to sign a waiver allowing the Department of Sports Medicine to disclose medical information to persons indicated in the waiver.

4. Only members of the medical staff are allowed in the training room during physician examinations. After the examination, the physician will speak with the appropriate persons if an executed waiver is on file in the training room.

5. An authorization form must also be on file in the training room before any billing/insurance information can be dispensed.

6. Every DePaul student-athlete will have a confidentially protected medical file in the Sports Medicine/Training Room. These files will not be permitted to leave the training room and will be in a restricted-access area at all times.

7. Approved sports medicine staff will act as insurance coordinators for student-athletes.

8. Documentation of all medical services, payment of bills and submissions to DePaul's outside insurance provider shall be maintained and recorded in the student-athlete's secured medical file.



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