Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Weight Management Policy, DePaul Drug Testing and Psychological Counseling

Sports Medicine Weight Management Policy
Due to the increasing incidence of eating disorders among student-athletes, the Department of Sports Medicine has instituted the following policy:

Coaches shall not make comments to their student-athletes regarding their weight, body composition (e.g. body fat percentage), or physical appearance. If a student-athlete asks a coach about his/her weight or body composition, and how it may relate to his/her performance, the coach shall emphasize that the most important facets contributing to optimal performance are sports-specific training and conditioning, psychological well-being and overall fitness. The coach shall instruct the student-athlete to address nutrition or weight concerns with the sports medicine staff. Any coach who has questions about sports nutrition, eating disorders, body composition, and how these may relate to their student-athletes' performance shall not address the athlete directly about these issues. The coach is encouraged to contact the sports medicine staff for further information.

DePaul Drug Testing
The sports medicine staff administers a drug-testing program annually and/or as needed. Policies for this program are set forth in the student-athlete handbook and are sent out annually to all student-athletes.

In all cases, a student-athlete, in conjunction with his or her physician, must document that other non-banned alternatives have been considered prior to requesting the medical exception for the use of a medication containing banned substance.

Psychological Counseling
The Department of Sports Medicine has implemented the following protocol for student-athletes requiring psychological care for emergency or other serious mental health issues:

1. Student-athletes must request and receive pre-approval for this service via the Director of Sports Medicine in order for charges to be paid for by the Athletics Department.
2. These services require re-evaluation each academic quarter, through the Department of Sports Medicine.

3. All group sessions including team sessions must be scheduled through the Department of Sports Medicine. The Department of Sports Medicine is not responsible for payment of team sessions with the psychologist.



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