DePaul Athletics On Line Auctions-Year 2 (Week 3)
B.I.D.S to Benefit Blue Demon Scholarship Funds

Sept. 12, 2012

In Year 2 (Week 2) of BIDS On-Line Auctions we once again raised money, which benefited our scholarship funds. 

B.I.D.S. stands for Blue Demon Authentic On-line Auctions In Support of DePaul Athletics Scholarships. The auction site is a partnership between DePaul University Athletics and its website provider Year 2 (Week 3) features some recent game-worn items, commemorative Ray Meyer poster and a unique limited edition men's basketball warm up (DePaul Commemorative 350th Anniversary Patch). 

To participate in B.I.D.S., bidders will have to register prior to submitting bids. All proceeds from the on-line auctions will benefit DePaul athletic scholarships.

As a special incentive for bidders, all winning bidders of more than $100 will receive a complimentary Ray Meyer commemorative coin, which was minted in 2006-07 to memorialize the DePaul legend and to support the scholarship in his name.

Auction Items for Year 2 (Week 3)

Michael Bizoukas Game-Worn Warm Up Top (Size L, Season 10/11, Nike)

DePaul Blue Demons Practice-Worn Jersey- #5 Nate Rogers 

DePaul Blue Demons Official Nike Men's Basketball Jersey - No Number/Name

Limited Edition Mens Basketball Warm Up (DePaul Commemorative 350th Anniversary Patch)

DePaul Women's Basketball Promotional Cut Out-Maureen Mulchrone #33

DePaul Blue Demons Nike Men's Basketball Game-Worn Shorts (White, Season 11/12, Size XXL)

DePaul Blue Demons Nike Men's Basketball Game-Worn Shorts (Blue, Season 11/12, Size XXL) 

DePaul Blue Demons Game-Worn Adidas Jersey #31 Matija Poscic 



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