Behind the Bricks-Joseph Davoli
Josep Davoli

Oct. 20, 2011

Name: Joseph Davoli
Sport(s): Tennis
Years Participated: 1988-1993        

1.What does being a DePaul Letterwinner mean to you?
I am very proud of the accomplishment! DePaul enjoys a great reputation, both academically and athletically, even out east, where I live.  

2. Why did you choose DePaul?
The tennis coach at DePaul was George Lott, Jr. He was the greatest doubles player of all time! Also, it was important for me to attend a university that had a good music school.    

3. What was your favorite memory while at DePaul?
So many! Two that come to mind, our fall schedule trips to Colorado Springs for matches at The U.S Air Force Academy. Oh, and of course weekly meals at Demon Dogs, under the L tracks.

4. What did receiving a scholarship from DePaul mean to you?
I was flattered. It meant my hard work paid off!

5. What was your funniest memory at DePaul?
Coach Lott once told me: "Davoli, you're no gazelle! So get your first serve in and get your butt to the net!"

6. Brief Summary of your life from graduation till now:
I live in Syracuse, NY with my wife and three kids. I'm a freelance musician. I'm lucky in that I get to travel the country playing my violin. I also run a teaching studio, where I teach fiddle and mandolin, privately.  

7. Is there a recent highlight that you would like to share with Alumni and friends of DePaul Athletics?
I recently accepted a position to play the violin parts for two upcoming musicals at Syracuse Stage. Two musicals are "Caroline Or Change" and "The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe".  

8. What advice would you give to a current or future student-athlete?
TIME MANAGEMENT is the imperative for success on the court and in the classroom.  
Travel destination: Chicago
Books: Autobiographies of great achievers  
Movie: Braveheart
Sports movie: Rudy
Quote: "It's ok to get the butterflies, as long as you can get your ducks to fly in a row"




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