Impact Mock Interviews 2006

IMPACT: DePaul's Student-Athlete Job Mentoring Program
The IMPACT program was developed to assist our current student-athletes in their efforts to prepare for the job market. Athletic alumni and supporters are asked to participate by completing the form on the following page. That information will be compiled in a comprehensive directory that will be accessible through a computer in the academic learning laboratory. The directory will be used exclusively by DePaul student-athletes. We will serve as a point of contact if you have any questions or concerns about IMPACT.

As someone that supports DePaul Athletics, you are probably aware that the NCAA considers you a "Representative of DePaul's Athletics interests." This means that your participation in IMPACT must adhere to the NCAA guidelines established for interaction with enrolled student-athletes. These rules are constantly changing and may be completely different than when you were in an Blue Demon uniform. Your attention to the material below is extremely important.

You are not permitted to provide student-athletes (or his / her friends or relatives) with any "extra benefit" or special arrangement that is not available to all other DePaul students. For example, it would NOT be permissible for you to:

  • provide on or off-campus transportation or the use of an automobile
  • pay for a student-athlete's meal if you were to meet in a restaurant
  • allow a student-athlete to make long distance calls from home/office
  • arrange or provide any free or reduced cost goods or services
  • provide tickets to an athletic event, concert or movie
  • provide him/her with a holiday or birthday gift
  • arrange or to co-sign a loan for a student-athlete
  • provide cash or use of a credit card under any circumstances

Below are examples of constructive activities for you and a DePaul student-athlete which are permissible under NCAA regulations. You may:

  • return a phone call to a student-athlete regarding this program or a summer job opportunity
  • review a student-athlete's resume and make recommendations for improvements
  • provide or arrange "mock" informational interviews for a student-athlete
  • invite a student-athlete to your work place to "shadow" you for a day
  • introduce a student-athlete to co-workers at your office who may be able to provide additional career guidance or assistance

The acceptance of "extra benefits" by an enrolled student-athlete will affect his or her eligibility to participate in intercollegiate athletics. If you have any questions about NCAA legislation, or if you believe a violation of these rules may have occurred, please call the DePaul Athletics Departmental Compliance Office at (773) 325-7502.

With this in mind, we look forward to working as partners in this endeavor. We hope you will find, that helping DePaul student-athletes is a very worthwhile and rewarding activity. As you get to know our student - athletes, we're sure you'll agree they constitute a very impressive group of young people.

For additional information, contact Thad Dohrn at 773-325-1456. Click here to submit information to DePaul for the IMPACT program.

Summer Job and Internship Opportunties
Many alumni and supporters of DePaul athletics express their desire to assist in ways other than financially. One of the most helpful ways to assist Blue Demon Athletics is by considering hiring a student-athlete for a summer job or for a summer internship. These summer opportunities are wonderful training in the educational process for our students. The tremendous time constraints that these individuals face during the school year often preclude them from having the same opportunities as other students. These experiences are invaluable for their growth personally, as well as professionally. If you are able, please fill out the form on the back of this page. One of our staff members will be in touch with you if you indicate that you have a potential opportunity. He/she will explain the process and the regulations involved with hiring a student-athlete.

Thank you for your consideration in assisting our student-athletes with career planning opportunities. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Kate O'Brien of Student-Athlete Enhancement Services who works with our student-athletes on summer job placement 773-325-7554 or

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