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D-Club Memorial

D-Club Memorial
Now and then DePaul Athletics loses one of its treasures. We would like to develop the D-Club Memorial Page to be a place to recognize the deaths of these DePaul athletic alumni, coaches and staff.

Please send information regarding the deceased to Thad Dohrn at Submissions can include obituaries and pictures. Announcements will be run for a minimum of two weeks and then placed in a reachable archive link.

Recent Passings
Ed Curtin - Men's Basketball 1953-56
Major General Stephen Crane - Track & Field 1948-50 - DePaul Athletic Hall of Fame 2008
Bob Kampa - Men's Basketball - 1949-51
Sam Odishoo - DePaul Athletics Hall of Fame 1979
Ron Sobie - DePaul Athletics Hall of Fame 1976

Hall of Fame Memorial Mass
As a part of Hall of Fame Weekend Festivities, DePaul Athletics has instituted a Hall of Fame Memorial Mass to recognize the passing of DePaul Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees. The mass is designed to celebrate the life of the Hall of Fame Inductees who passed away during that year. The 2010 Hall of Fame Mass was be held in conjunction with Hall of Fame Weekend 2010 on January 31.