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Cummings, Simmons Epitomize DePaul's Storied Basketball Legacy

These are two names synonymous with the Blue Demons at their finest---the first one evoking memories of a glorious era and the second connecting us to a basketball renaissance.

Doing All They Can to Make This World a Better Place

Our world would be a far better place if there were a lot more people with the compassion, generosity and insight into the human spirit of Jessica and Steve Sarowitz.

Ex-Track Athlete Roderich Giving Back to DePaul in a Big Way

Kurt Roderich is living the dream after his DePaul athletics experience helped pave the way for a highly successful career with a nationally prestigious and world renowned accounting firm.

Ex-Track Athlete Cherrington Guarded Our Nation From Cyber Attacks

It wasn't long ago that former DePaul track athlete Aaron Cherrington would not have been able to tell you much about his job because of security-clearance restrictions when he was the branch chief of the United States Cyber Command.

Softball Aiming For Three-Peat Title in Scholarship Month Derby

Welcome to round four of DePaul Athletics' spirited Scholarship Month competition where alumni and alumnae of athletic programs compete for the highest number of gift donations and the most total funds raised in May.

Bakari Simmons, 14, to Bobby Simmons: 'Dad, I'm So Proud of You'

As Bobby Simmons walked with his fellow 2014 graduates in DePaul University's Commencement ceremony, a smile came over his face and there was a feeling unlike anything the former DePaul basketball star and 10-year NBA veteran had ever experienced before.