DePaul Athletics Well Represented at 35th Annual Chicago Marathon
Former softball player Annie Demas ran in her first marathon on Sunday.

Oct. 9, 2012

CHICAGO - A brisk temperature of 42 degrees and a 7:20 a.m. start time didn't deter former DePaul athletes from racing in this year's 35th annual Bank of America Chicago Marathon on Sunday, Oct. 7. At least 25 former Blue Demon athletes and staff members competed in the 26.2-mile race.

One of the most memorable moments occurred when former track athlete Stephanie Hughes finished in 71st place overall in the women's field---57th among American women and 11th in her age group. She finished with a time of 2:59:33. "Crossing the finish line and seeing that 2:59 on the clock made every struggle, every pain just disappear," Hughes said. "The best part of it all was getting a big hug from coach Pat Savage just after crossing the line, knowing I made him proud."

It was the first marathon for former softball player Annie Demas, who came in with a time of 04:26:08.
"Crossing the finish line was one of the proudest moments of my life," Demas said. "I have dedicated so much time and effort into my training, and it was awesome to see it all pay off."

"I think it is a great accomplishment, and I feel that anybody could do it if they put their mind to it. Also, this is really addicting!" Demas is already planning on running a marathon in Indianapolis in the near future.

For Kelcie Daniels, it was a great way to come back to Chicago after being away.

"The marathon really was a reminder for me of my time at DePaul and four years spent in Chicago," Daniels said. "Having recently moved away, it was a great reunion with some former track teammates, former coach (Savage) and current members of the team as I passed by them while they were volunteering along the course."

"It was a memorable tour of such a great city. All three hours and 48 minutes were a runner's high as I passed screaming fans for 26 miles and crossed the finish line sprinting to my first and probably last marathon."

On the men's side, former Blue Demons Brian Begalke and Dennis Baliga finished in less than three hours. Begalke, with a time of 2:52:35, graduated this past June and said the marathon was one of the most challenging yet most enjoyable things he has ever done. "I really enjoyed competing at a new level and felt great through the first 22 miles,"Begalke said "But the last four were the most difficult thing I have ever experienced."

"It was great being part of such a large event in Chicago, and it was awesome being able to represent DePaul. So many people were supportive when they saw my DePaul jersey."

Baliga finished just seconds before Begalke with a time of 2:52:17. The 2012 graduate said the marathon was a great way of having a goal after finishing his college career. He was proud of pushing himself beyond a limit he never thought he could reach.

With former athletes, coaches, staff and a number of current student athletes volunteering, DePaul was well represented at the Chicago Marathon. Regardless of the outcome, they each have an individual story that represents their personal motivation and strength.

2012 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Results
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Jim Jenness 3:40:52 Chairmen DePaul Board of Trustees
Tracy Moss 5:35:10 Athletic Academic Advising
Emily Prettyman 4:58:20 Women's Track
Stephen Anthony: 3:45:49 Men's Soccer
Stephanie Hughes: 2:59:33 Women's Track
Claire O'Brien 3:59:39 Women's Track
Amy Witt 4:40:07 Women's Soccer
Annie Demas: 4:26:08 Women's Softball
Dave Behoff 3:08:02 Men's Track
Dan Branca 3:47:09 Men's Track
Erin Carney 4:20:26 Women's Basketball
Margo Sackmaster 3:28:01 Women's Soccer
James Dzwierzynski 3:22:52 Men's Track
Krysten Gibson 5:12:41 Women's Soccer
Kelly Pickering 3:26:21 Women's Track
Robert Morgan 3:57:30 Men's Track
Brian Begalke 2:52:35 Men's Track
Erin Lakie 3:57:31 Women's Track
Kelsey Dolan 4:20:06 Women's Track
Kelcie Daniels 3:48:29 Women's Track
Dennis Baliga 2:52:17 Men's Track
Daniel Steinfels 3:24:42 Men's Track
Ryan Solomon 3:00:48 Men's Track
Brian Godar 3:03:41 Men's Track



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