Athletic Advisory Council

Athletic Advisory Council - DIBS

Athletic Advisory Council

Past Co-Chairs
Patty Ahern, Women's Basketball Manager
Ron Griggs, Golf
Jack Cummins, Men's Soccer
Scott Steffens, Volleyball Manager

Jean Lenti Ponsetto, Director of Athletics

Thad Dohrn, Associate Director of Athletics -  Development

Bryan Duby, Associate Director of Athletics Development

Andrea Clark, Development Associate for Athletics

• To expand the base of competent people who are able to advise, to encourage financial support and to be resources for the Athletic Department at DePaul, and to build a culture of giving.

• To promote closer and supportive ties between DePaul Athletics and all intercollegiate team alumni. To promote closer and supportive ties with season ticket holders and other friends of Blue Demon teams. To support the success of current student-athletes and to enhance their knowledge of support from alumni and friends.

• To support greater attendance at and, when appropriate, encourage more ticket sales for DePaul athletic events.

• To draw together a group of alumni and friends of DePaul who can assist the University to relate creatively to the community-at-large as advocates of Blue Demon

• To utilize the personal and professional skills of Advisory Council members in advocating DePaul Athletics and introducing Blue Demon sports to new constituencies of friends.

• To encourage financial support of DePaul Athletics through annual support, especially at the President's Club and Scarlet & Blue levels. To encourage support also through major and planned gifts, especially for projects and needs that enhance the capability of DePaul to compete effectively at the NCAA Division I level while providing a meaningful academic experience for all student-athletes. 

• To assist DePaul Athletics in communicating the University's Vincentian values of providing opportunities for academically and athletically capable student-athletes to attend and compete on behalf of DePaul while strongly encouraging them matriculate toward graduation.

If you would like information about serving on the Athletic Advisory Board, please contact Thad Dohrn at 773-325-7240 or by e-mail at

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