Champions Club

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Champions Club
The Champions Club was established as an organization to recognize and connect with DePaul's athletic donors. All gifts of more than $100 entitle donors to membership in DePaul Athletics' Champions Club.

Membership benefits are determined according to the level of the gift. Among the benefits are invitations to departmental events, entrance in to the Champions Club Room at men's basketball games, post-season ticket preference, athletic communications and much more. 

The Athletic Advisory Council
The Athletic Advisory Council provides guidance for efforts to serve Champions Club and D-Club members. The council assists with efforts to retain and attract Champions Club members.

Designation of Champions Club Gifts
Champions Club gifts are designated at the discretion of the donor. A wide range of accounts are available from which the donor can chose.

DePaul Athletic Fund
Contributions to the DePaul Athletic Fund are unrestricted gifts to be used at the discretion of the DePaul Director of Athletics.

DePaul Sports Accounts
Contributions to individual sports provide supplemental funding for each of DePaul's athletic programs. Because of the generous support of the University, these funds are used to enhance the student-athlete experience at DePaul by covering costs that aren't part of the general operating budget.

Named Scholarships
Contributions can be made to previously named endowments and endowed scholarships. These funds annually grow through additional gifts and through compounding interest and have a huge impact on DePaul's annual budget.

Naming an endowed scholarship requires a gift of $50,000 or more and creates a legacy which will live on. For more information about naming an endowed scholarship, contact Thad Dohrn at 773-325-1456.

Join the team to support DePaul Athletics by making a gift online here or call Andrea Clark at 773-325-7240.

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