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Operation Endowment
DePaul athletics fundraising efforts will focus on endowing scholarships and other programs. Annually, athletics spends nearly $5 million on scholarship expenses for its more than 200 student-athletes. By endowing scholarships, DePaul athletics will have the opportunity to enhance scholarships in some sports and redistribute available funding to maximize the department's resources.

Leave a Legacy
A gift of $50,000 is needed to name a scholarship in your name or to honor someone of the donor's choosing.  That gift will live on, providing scholarship resources for student-athletes as well as strengthening  DePaul Athletics' financial future. All gifts can be made in pledges over five years. Planned gifts are encouraged.

Named Endowments
* Barb Atsaves Pabst Endowed Scholarship (WBB)
* Kathy Booker Endowed Scholarship (WBB)
Clyde Bradshaw Endowed Scholarship (MBB)
* Maggie Dixon Endowed Scholarship (WBB)
Bob Hamilton Endowment (Athletic Trainers)
Michael Hie Endowed Scholarship (Managers)
* Kohler-Hanks Endowed Scholarships (MBB/WBB)
Lavigne Endowed Scholarship (MBB)
Frank McGrath Endowed Scholarship (MBB)
Marge Meyer Endowed Scholarship (MBB)
Ray Meyer Endowed Scholarship (MBB)
Fr. Austin Minogue, C.M. Golf Endowment
Fr. Riley Endowed Scholarship
Women's Athletic Scholarship Endowment
Planned Gift
Louis Stein Endowed Scholarship (Tennis)
*- denotes new named Scholarship in 2007-08

Featured Endowments - Maggie Dixon, Ray Meyer

Ray Meyer Endowed Scholarship Fund

Ray Meyer Endowed Scholarship for Men's Basketball
Last year the DePaul family showed its generosity by enhancing the Ray Meyer Scholarship by more than $260,000. In all, the Ray Meyer Scholarship totals more than a million dollars which annually yields a little more than one full scholarship per year. All gifts of more than $100 to the fund are recognized with a special commemorative coin.

Maggie Dixon Endowed Scholarship Fund 

Maggie Dixon Endowed Scholarship for Women's Basketball
Due to the generosity of Laurette Heinz, grandmother of former men's basketball manager Michael Natale, an endowed scholarship has been named to continue the legacy of Maggie Dixon. In addition, a large number of contributions were made at the Maggie Dixon Memorial Mass to enhance the endowment. If you would like to make a gift to this fund or any other, please call 773-325-7240.

Operation Endowment Naming Opportunities

 Named Scholarship      $50,000
 Full Endowed Scholarship      $1 million
 Head Coach Position  $1 million
 Director of Athletics  $5 million    

All gifts can be made utilizing a five-year pledge. For more information, contact Thad Dohrn at 773-325-1456 or by email at

To join the endowment effort by making a gift online,

For more information and endowments and named scholarships, contact Thad Dohrn Senior Director of Development for Athletics at 773-325-1456 or