Students, Faculty, Staff Screamin' for the Blue Demons
Students, faculty and staff joined on one loud voice cheering on the Blue Demons during Wednesday night's game against Notre Dame.

Feb. 14, 2013

CHICAGO – DePaul students, faculty and staff members showed up in force Wednesday night at the Student Center to support the Blue Demons during their overtime loss at Notre Dame.

A loud and enthusiastic crowd gathered together at the school’s most successful Game Watch and roared throughout an exhilarating second-half comeback.

“During the comeback, people were pounding on tables and the workers in the Student Center stood up and were cheering,” said Blue Crew social media coordinator Sarah Drexelius, a sophomore at DePaul. “That was a time we all came together and cheered as one.

“You’re used to seeing faculty and staff members in class or in meetings. You see them in a controlled setting.

"Last night, we saw them cheering real loud, screaming at the referees and yelling at the TV. They had a chance to come out of their comfort zone and act like college kids again.”

With the advent of Ash Wednesday and the heavy class load for students on Wednesday, the DePaul Athletics Department chose to have the students support the team at the Game Watch instead of sending a student bus to Notre Dame.

“The room was rocking,” said DePaul faculty member Joel Whalen. “Lots of fans, food, fun, and high-times Blue Demon Spirit. We fans know how good Blue Demon men’s basketball is. Like coach Oliver Purnell says, ‘Just keep hitting that rock until it breaks.’

“Our team has huge talent, heart, and courage. They will prevail. The energy in a large room full of so many Blue Demon fans soared during the second-half comeback. Faculty, students, and staff joined in one voice cheering for DePaul.”

This was the first time Staff Council, Faculty Council, Blue Crew and Captains’ Council worked together on a Game Watch event---all with the blessing of DePaul University President Father Dennis H. Holtschneider.



“This began as part of the Vision 2018 Strategic Plan’s goal of building affinity and school pride,” said Staff Council president Linda Jepsen. “During a student leadership meeting at the Athletic Center, we asked Captains’ Council president Drew Edwards if the students would like Staff Council and Faculty Council to join in a Game Watch. He said they would love it.

“We had people there who had never attended an athletic event before, and they had a wonderful time. They were cheering and yelling and excited to be there. It was very festive with all the red and blue, and the game was on every TV set in the Student Center.

“Even the workers from Chartwells Catering got into it, coming out from their stations cheering and screaming for the Blue Demons. Blue Crew, our student-athletes, faculty and staff---everyone was there.”

The event seemed to grow in numbers as the game got closer and closer.

“To see us in such a large group making so much commotion drew a lot of people in, and they stayed to the end,” said assistant director of marketing Patrick Condon. “When the game went into overtime, more people came by to watch.

“This was completely different from any other Game Watch, and was definitely the best one we’ve ever had. The students were more excited seeing all the people showing up. I think they were pleasantly surprised to see faculty and staff members cheering so loudly.

“The only thing better would’ve been a win. Still, this shows what we can accomplish when Blue Crew, Staff Council, Faculty Council, our own student athletes and Student Center business manager Joe Bertolli come together to help build affinity and school pride.”

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