DePaul and the NBA

A total of 32 DePaul players have gone on to play in the NBA starting with Elmer Gainer in 1941 with the Baltimore Bullets up to DePaul’s most recent first-round draft pick in Wilson Chandler.

Chandler was the 10th DePaul basketball player to be drafted in the first round of the NBA Draft as he was the 23rd pick of the New York Knicks in 2007. He joins other first-round Blue Demons: Steven Hunter (2001, No. 15 to Orlando), Quentin Richardson (2000, No. 18 to Los Angeles Clippers), Rod Strickland (1988, No. 19 to New York), Kevin Edwards (1988, No. 20 to Miami), Dallas Comegys (1987, No. 21 to Atlanta), Terry Cummings (1982, No. 2 to San Diego), Mark Aguirre (1981, No. 1 to Dallas), Dave Corzine (1978, No. 18 to Washington) and Bill Robinzine (1975, No. 10 to Kansas City-Omaha).

Chandler was the only DePaul player on a roster in the NBA during the 2013-14 season. Chandler averaged 13.6 points and 4.7 rebounds for the Denver Nuggets in 62 games last season. Three Blue Demons were on NBA rosters during the 2011-12 season with Wilson Chandler playing for the Denver Nuggets, Quentin Richardson with the Orlando Magic and Bobby Simmons in Los Angeles with the Clippers.

Since Gainer played the first NBA game for a former Blue Demon in 1947, there have been only six seasons without a DePaul flavor in NBA history. Including the 2013-14 season, at least one DePaul player has played in the NBA in 39 consecutive seasons.

There were no Blue Demons in the NBA for the 1959-60 season, from 1962-64 and from 1972-74. A DePaul player has suited up in a NBA uniform in 67 of the last 73 seasons including the 2013-14 campaign.

In addition to the players in the NBA, two Blue Demons have coached at the NBA level. George Mikan was head coach of the Minneapolis Lakers (1957-58) and Tyrone Corbin was head coach of the Utah Jazz since from 2011-14.


 Team/s (Years.)

 Mark Aguirre


 Dallas Mavericks (1981-89)
 Detroit Pistons (1989-93)
 Los Angeles Clippers (1993-94)

 Andre Brown 

 Seattle Supersonics (2006-07) 
 Memphis Grizzlies (2007-08)
 Charlotte Bobcats (2008-09)

 Stanley Brundy

 New Jersey Nets (1989-90)

 Emmette Bryant


 New York Knicks (1964-68)
 Boston Celtics (1968-70)
 Buffalo Braves (1970-72)

 Howie Carl

 Chicago Packers (1961-62)

 Wilson Chandler

 New York Knicks (2007-11)
Denver Nuggets (2010-present)

 Dallas Comegys

 New Jersey Nets (1987-88)
 San Antonio Spurs (1988-89)

 Tyrone Corbin

 San Antonio Spurs (1985-87)
 Cleveland Cavaliers (1986-88) 
 Phoenix Suns (1987-89) 
 Minnesota Timberwolves (1989-92) 
 Utah Jazz (1991-94) 
 Atlanta Hawks (1994-95) 
 Sacramento Kings (1995-96) 
 Miami Heat (1995-96) 
 Atlanta Hawks (1996-99) 
 Sacramento Kings (1999-00)
 Toronto Raptors (2000-01)

 Dave Corzine

 Washington Bullets (1978-80)
 San Antonio Spurs (1980-82) 
 Chicago Bulls (1982-89) 
 Orlando Magic (1989-90)
 Seattle Supersonics (1990-91)

 Terry Cummings

 San Diego Clippers (1982-84)
 Milwaukee Bucks (1984-89)
 San Antonio Spurs (1989-95)
 Milwaukee Bucks (1995-96)
 Seattle Supersonics (1996-97)
 Philadelphia 76ers (1997-98)
 New York Knicks (1997-98)
 Golden State Warriors (1998-00)

 Gene Dyker

 Milwaukee Hawks (1953-54)

 Kevin Edwards 

 Miami Heat (1988-93)
 New Jersey Nets (1993-98)
 Orlando Magic (1997-98)
 Vancouver Grizzlies (2000-01)

 Ron Feiereisel

 Minneapolis Lakers (1955-56)

 Elmer Gainer


 Baltimore Bullets (1947-48)
 Waterloo Hawks (1949-50)

 Gary Garland

 Denver Nuggets (1979-80)

 Bato Govedarica

 Syracuse Nationals (1953-54)

 Stephen Howard

 Utah Jazz (1992-94)
 San Antonio Spurs (1996-97)
 Utah Jazz (1996-97)
 Seattle Supersonics (1997-98)

 Steven Hunter

 Orlando Magic (2001-04)
 Phoenix Suns (2004-05)
 Philadelphia 76ers (2005-07)
 Denver Nuggets (2007-08)
 Memphis Grizzlies (2009-10)

 John Jorgensen

 Chicago Stags (1947-48)
 Baltimore Bullets (1947-48)
 Minneapolis Lakers (1948-49)

 Whitey Kachan


 Chicago Stags (1948-49)
 Minneapolis Lakers (1948-49)

 Paul McPherson

 Phoenix Suns (2000-01)
 Golden State Warriors (2000-01)

 Ed Mikan

 Chicago Stags (1948-50)
 Rochester Royals (1949-51)
 Washington Capitols (1950-51)
 Philadelphia Warriors (1950-53)
 Indianapolis Olympians (1952-53)
 Boston Celtics (1953-54)

 George Mikan

 Minneapolis Lakers (1948-56)

 Errol Palmer

 Minnesota Muskies (1967-68)

 Jack Phelan

 Waterloo Hawks (1949-50)
 Sheboygan Redskins (1949-50)

 Quentin Richardson


 Los Angeles Clippers (2000-04)
 Phoenix Suns (2004-05)
 New York Knicks (2005-09)
 Miami Heat (2009-10)
 Orlando Magic (2010-12)

 Bill Robinzine

 Kansas City Kings (1975-80)
 Cleveland Cavaliers (1980-81)
 Dallas Mavericks (1980-81)
 Utah Jazz (1981-82) 

 Bobby Simmons

 Washington Wizards (2001-03)
 Los Angeles Clippers (2003-05)
 Milwaukee Bucks (2005-08)
 New Jersey Nets (2008-10)
 San Antonio Spurs (2010-11)
 Los Angeles Clippers (2011-12)

 Ron Sobieszczyk

 New York Knicks (1956-60)
 Minneapolis Lakers (1959-60) 

 Rod Strickland

 New York Knicks (1988-90)
 San Antonio Spurs (1989-92)
 Portland Trail Blazers (1992-96)
 Washington Bullets (1996-97)
 Washington Wizards (1997-01)
 Miami Heat (2001-02)
 Minnesota Timberwolves (2002-03)
 Orlando Magic (2003-04)
 Toronto Raptors (2003-04)
 Houston Rockets (2004-05)

 Gene Stump

 Boston Celtics (1947-49)
 Minneapolis Lakers (1949-50)
 Waterloo Hawks (1949-50)

 Dick Triptow

 Fort Wayne Pistons (1948-49)
 Baltimore Bullets (1949-50)

*information current as of July 1, 2014