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Behind the Bricks - Paul Duski
Paul Duski at historic St. Andrews

Paul Duski at historic St. Andrews

Oct. 12, 2010

Behind the Bricks

Our new weekly feature "Behind the Bricks" allows DePaul letterwinners a chance to tell the DePaul community a little bit about themselves, a brief reflection on their time as a Blue Demon student-athlete and where they have gone since stepping off the court, field or diamond.

This feature was renamed "Beyond the Bricks" to coincide with the dedication of the John and Dale Melbourne Herklotz Letterwinners Plaza and Champions Courtyard. With the plaza filled with 3,800 bricks representing DePaul's student-athletes since 1926, each brick has a story. "Beyond the Bricks" will allow letterwinners to tell their "DePaul Story".


Name: Paul M. Duski

Sport(s): Golf, 1969-1972


1. What does being a DePaul Letterwinner mean to you?

It signifies four years of dedicated work, practice, and the honor to be part of the DePaul Athletic tradition.

2. Why did you choose DePaul?



DePaul, first and foremost, was recognized as one of the top Business Schools in the Midwest.  My focus was on my education.  It was only after I was a student did I become aware of the potential of being a Blue Demon student-athlete.

3. What was your favorite memory while at DePaul?

Too many to list; but the friendship and mentoring I received from Coach Ray and Father Austin Minogue I will treasure forever.

4. What did receiving a scholarship from DePaul mean to you?

It meant everything at the time.  Not only was it a huge financial help (for one working his own way through school), but it also demonstrated to me how much the University appreciated my contributions to DePaul athletics.

5. What was your funniest memory at DePaul?

Playing "skins" in the dark after a match and "hearing" one of my teammates walk into a lake he could not "see".  That was classic.

 6. Brief summary of your life from graduation till now:

Well, in the past 38 years I remain a DePaul Booster.  My wife, Eileen, also a DePaul alumni, and I have been married for 34 years and raised 2 sons also DePaul Alumni.  In 1986 DePaul honored me with induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame and have enjoyed many induction ceremonies since.  I will always remember Father Austin Minogue's, Jeannie's , Coach Bruno's, and Mary Hie's ceremonies.

I continue to work in the executive leadership development area as SVP with Robertson Lowstuter located in Bannockburn, IL.  Eileen and I still reside in Arlington Heights.

7. Is there a recent highlight that you would like to share with Alumni and friends of DePaul Athletics?

I FINALLY got my first hole in one (with 3 witnesses).

8. What advice would you give to a current or future student-athlete?

Be the "best you can be" in the classroom and as part of your team and remember to "PAY IT FORWARD" after graduation.  Never forget where you came from.



Travel destination: Scotland

Books: "Golf is not a game of perfect!

Movie: Christmas Vacation

Sports movie]  Caddy Shack

Quote " To measure a man measure his heart." - Malcolm S. Forbes


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