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Sitch and the U-21's Win the Nordic Cup

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CHICAGO - DePaul junior Julianne Sitch was one of 18 players representing the United States at the 2004 Nordic Cup in Iceland.  When she had a chance and found a place that was internet-capable, she checked in and to let everyone know how things were going.

Sitch and the U-21's knocked off Finland, Norway and Germany by identical 3-0 scores on their way to the Nordic Cup final.  In the championship match, the Americans knocked off Sweden by another 3-0 decision.  The U.S. has now won six straight Nordic Cup titles and seven of the last eight.  The Nordic Cup is the top international tournament for the women's Under-21 age group.  The four straight shutouts was the first time a U.S. team has now allowed a goal during its streak of Nordic Cup titles that started in 1997.

July 29
Well, it was our fourth straight shutout of tournament against Sweden and of course the score was 3-0.  That is pretty odd.  I think in all my years of soccer that has never happened!  It was a great day.  It was a great accomplishment for us and we were all really happy!  I got to play the last 10 minutes up top again, and did pretty well.

Tomorrow we head home, and it will be a long day of traveling.  I can't wait to sleep in the dark, but it's going to be tough to adjust to the time change.

Overall, this was a great trip with lots of memories I won't forget.  I will miss Iceland...this is a beautiful country, but I'm definately ready to come home!!

I will be seeing everyone in a week when we report for preseason training!! Can't wait for a repeat of last year!

July 27
We beat Germany, 3-0.  Kinda funny how the score keeps ending up 3-0. We are just dominating everyone and all pretty pumped to face Sweden in the final on Thursday.  It's going to be a good game and a lot of energy going.

I played about 15 minutes today in the game, and I've definately had my better days, but what can you do?! This will probably be the last time I write, because I won't have time after the championship game as we'll be celebrating with the gold and getting ready for the long trip home on Friday.  When I get back, I'll catch everyone up on the championship match and the trip home.

Go USA!!

July 26
We played well yesterday against Norway and won, 3-0.  Two goals came from forward Kelly Wilson and the other from midfielder Sarah Huffman.  I played the last 15 minutes as forward and then moved back into the midfield.

We had a training session today in preperation for our last bracket game against Germany tomorrow. Not much has been going on. Just about to finish a season of the televison show "24."  We have been making many trips downtown to the shops and of course, the internet cafe.  Starting to get really bored of sitting in the hotel, so we try to get out as much as possible.  The food always seems to be the same, so we looking for some variety.  Some girls went down to Subway and their meal cost 17 bucks in American money. Things are much more expensive here.  I'm looking forward to sleeping in the dark as the sunlight at all times is a little different.  Well, not much more going on, we are looking forward to playing Germany tommorrow. Hope your all are enjoying the warm weather, it's been kinda chilly here.

July 23
Game day!! We played Finland today and won, 3-0.  Johanna Lohman scored off a penalty kick. Then Natasha Kai scored and Karli Lord ended the scoring for us.  It was pretty sweet to hear our national anthem in another country and then to hear Finland’s play before the game also.  Since everyone always comments on how I never mention how I played, I suppose I will tell. I played I believe about 30 minutes in the second half. I went in as forward for Natasha Kai. I had a chance to score, but megged (between the legs) the goalie and it hit off her back leg, and she recovered to save it. Bummer!! But I thought I played pretty well overall. I wasn’t really nervous actually, which surprised me.

Well dinner tonight was quite interesting… it was steak!! Or that’s what we all thought it was. After we were all excited it was steak and ate a couple of bites, some of us made comments on how it tasted different and it was really chewy, but just thought it was because it was Iceland food. Later on we heard from Brian, who is with our team from Iceland, comment, “Oh that’s not steak, it’s whale!” But I guess it wasn’t that bad. Oh, and I actually tried some fish tonight, too. They also serve reindeer and horse. I can’t wait for some American food. I need some good home cooked meals… my mom’s fried spaghetti sounds excellent right about now! (that’s my favorite meal)

I took some great pictures today to send so you guys can have a taste of what Iceland looks like. Hope you enjoy!! 


Julianne Sitch and teammate Manya Makoski where the U.S. National Team defeated Finland, 3-0, on Friday, July 23.


Two photos of Iceland from the team bus.  The sun shines 22 hours a day as Iceland is located near the Artic Circle.

July 22
I am not too sure where I left off on my last journal. If I remember, it was right before we took off to Akureyrarvollur. We had a light training in the afternoon just to work on a few things such as shooting and organization out of the back and up top. We went to a mall before we had to catch our flight and had an American meal at Pizza Hut. It was SO good. Pizza Hut has never tasted so good to me before! Shopped around, bought some souvenirs and then packed up to go to the airport. We flew on the tiniest plane ever and the airport could probably hold 50 people. Where we are staying now is up in the mountains and we have the most beautiful view out of our hotel windows. Last night we had to stay in the older part of the hotel, which were like dorm rooms with no TV, and community bathrooms. The newer part of the hotel is amazing, I could live in this room for sure. Still trying to get used to the 22 hours of daylight. My roommate (midfielder Joanna Lohman) and I finally taped the curtains to the wall to keep the light out. It’s annoying when it's 11 or 12 at night and it looks like 12 in the afternoon outside. The TV only has two English channels, but the food is much better at this hotel than the last. Training today was another light one, just some more touch ups before the match against Finland tomorrow. It is going to be amazing playing and representing your country, I am really excited for the game. I will keep you all updated on the games and how they go, but if you would like to can check out for the game stats.

July 20
Our day off!! We went to the blue lagoon, which are hot springs. It was really cool and the water was nice and warm and sometimes got so hot we wimped out and jumped onto the rocks. It was nice and relaxing.  The water smells like eggs out here... I would be better off not showering! The food stinks! Good thing I packed plenty of my own food. Fish is at every meal, it just is not right.  Tomorrow we are off to another place in Iceland where all our games will be played. We have two training sessions left until we kick off against Finland!

July 19
Arrived in Iceland and while flying in I thought there was no sign of life anywhere. It was pretty rocky and no houses anywhere. We drove for about an hour and finally hit some life. It's pretty chilly here. Running on two hours of sleep, we unloaded the bus and headed right out onto the field to train. We were all pretty tired and just wanting to sleep. We are staying close to a town, so after training Monya, KJ and I just wandered around trying to find somewhere with the internet! Of course I can't go too long without the internet, we all know!

July 16-18
Arrived in New Jersey on Friday night and had a light training session. On Saturday we had another light practice in the morning and then we played the U-19 National Team to have a game under our belts before taking off for Iceland. We won 1-0, scoring off a PK. On Sunday, we got to go to downtown New York at Times Square and have the afternoon. It was kinda rainy out, but still was a great time. We saw a man standing on the corner playing a guitar and a singing naked cowboy. He was wearing only cowboy boots, cowboy hat and his underwear said "naked cowboy". I found it hilarious and Monya Makowski and I ran up laughing and took our pictures with them. That brightened up our day. Then we headed to ESPNZone for our last American meal.