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Well hello there!

I’m alive and well, don’t you worry! Haha. I know it’s been a few months since I have written, which doesn’t make sense because I don’t feel like I ever do much other than work.

Speaking of work, the season is actually wrapping up now. My Blue Demons need to play hard this weekend to have at least a share of the Big East title and I don’t want to jinx them at all. They’ve worked really hard all year to be at the point we are. After going to Georgetown this weekend, we’ll head to Louisville next week. I’m personally excited about the trip to Louisville because I get to see three friends in one trip! Megan and Sam LeCure (formerly Megan Willis; both are friends of mine from Texas) are living there while Sam plays for the Bats, the AAA team in the Reds’ organization. Also my friend Homer Bailey is on the Bats, as well, so I am excited to possibly catch a game and to catch up with all of them. I really miss having a baseball team to watch. I realize how spoiled I was at UT to be able to see good college baseball all the time.

Off the field, not a lot has gone on. I took this quarter off from school. I’m still planning to get my MBA, but I needed a little bit of a break. Sometimes you need to step back and reassess life before continuing down your path. I will take an online class this summer, and then take two or three classes next fall to catch back up. I just want to be motivated enough to get the grades I know I am capable of getting.

One things I did get to do was to visit Austin one more time! I was invited to be a guest speaker at The University of Texas’ Athletic Department’s annual academic banquet. Athletes with 3.0 or higher were invited, and many were honored with special awards for to their work in the classroom. It was nice to go back, and do something for my alma mater. I also felt that the speech I wrote was actually a good one and I’m getting more comfortable speaking in front of large groups.

Funny story about this trip though: I almost missed my morning flight because of the traffic here in Chicago. I barely got on the flight, but they told me my bag would be coming on the next flight. I didn’t think it was a big deal because I could still have lunch with my best friend and old coaches. Well, I went back to the airport to collect my bag and it didn’t come off the carousel. I went to the baggage office only to be told, “Oh - no worries, it will be here at 7:30. They accidently put it on a plane to Tucson, which happens a lot since AUS and TUS kind of look alike on the tags.”

I politely said “Ma’am ... it’s a big deal! I have a banquet at 6:30 and those are my clothes!” So with an hour and half until I was supposed to be at the banquet, I had to find shoes, clothes, make up everything. Thank god for Tina Boutelle and Dez Williams! Dez brought me a dress, which I actually loved. It was a tad big so we pinned it a bit. In all, it didn’t turn out so bad, but I panicked for a bit.

My birthday came and went, and I walked around telling people I was officially so old. No comments please. You won’t talk me out of the fact it’s a crisis to be over 25 now. I got some great gifts, which I appreciate. A couple of my players made me a “Happy 20+ some Birthday” cake since I was freaking out about the number. It was a really good cake too! My friend Emily had the soccer team she coaches at Sewanne write me birthday cards, too. They are too funny. My aunt and cousins here in the Chicago area had me over for dinner as well, which was nice. Family time is always good! =)

Tucker is growing up. He is behaving himself for the most part, minus chewing the handle to my favorite Coach purse in half today. I don’t know how I can fix it. The little booger pulled it down off the counter. He has learned how to shake though, which is a monumental break through. Now if I can just get him to understand “lay down” and “go away” when he tries to wake me up before my alarm.

Oh, and I’m officially on Twitter, so you guys can follow me on there! I will update that more frequently I promise! I’m @catosterman.

The photo album for this blog is a hodgepodge of stuff. There are pics of my players in the airport after a six-hour wait. We decided to have wheelchair races, and attack each with another game we play as a team. Needless to say we had some fun! There are also some from my trip to Austin, and some of my life here in Chicago. I’ll include one of Tucker, even though he is almost impossible to photograph.

Oh, and one last big break though... I finally bought a new rug and shelf for my living room. It actually feels like home instead of a bare room! Haha... well I must make dinner and get to cleaning/organizing.

I’ll report more later ...

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