Softball Players Visit Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral
June 16, 2017

PARIS – Day three of the Blue Demons in Europe found the softball players making an unscheduled stop to experience a stunning view before learning first-hand about the Congregation of the Mission apostolic life founded by St. Vincent de Paul.

Softball players Sabrina Kuchta and Cara Jimenez filed this report about a full day of activities that culminated with a visit to perhaps the most famous landmark in all of France.

We started our day with a surprise visit to the Théâtre antique de Vendeuil-Caply. Upon our arrival, we encountered famous Roman ruins of what is said to be one of the greatest theaters in Europe. We were in a part of Europe that is known for its beautiful countryside, and the view was breathtaking. What a perfect opportunity to take some photos.

We hopped back on the bus and headed to Folleville where we experienced the true effect of where the Vincentian mission and question originated. We saw the estates of the Gondi family and were able to see the castle where they lived. Stepping inside the church, we were reminded that 2017 marks the 400th year of the mission.

Father Edward Udovic led us to another well-known restaurant (Le Bouchon) that was again phenomenal, and it was enjoyable talking about our time in Folleville.

The last thing we did as a group was go to the Cathedral Notre Dame in Amiens, and we can both agree that as we were walking up, it was by breathtaking. It was as beautiful outside as it was inside.

Walking inside, the stained-glass windows made the church something so special. As we walked to the middle of the church, Father Ed made us look down and he talked about the Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth and the goal of the church was salvation. If you follow the maze on the ground, make decisions on where to turn and make your way back to the center, you were reinforced that you made the right choice. Some of us took the challenge.



We spent our last night in Paris going to the Eiffel Tower. We are most definitely taking in the beauty we have experienced these last few days. Everywhere we walked and everything we have learned about Paris and St. Vincent de Paul is something we will never forget.

We are so grateful and appreciative for this singular opportunity.

It’s off to Milan and Italy tomorrow!

Until then my friends,
Sabrina & Cara

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