Blue Demons Enjoy a Gelato Kind of a Day
June 17, 2017

MILAN, Italy – Finishing up the Paris portion of their trip had DePaul softball players reflecting on exciting times in the City of Lights, tracing the history of St. Vincent de Paul and savoring the internationally renowned French cuisine.

The next segment of their 10-day European adventure began Saturday with trip from Paris to Milan. Blue Demons Kennedy Garcia and Maranda Gutierrez check in with the latest update, beginning with Kennedy.

Today was more of a travel day from Paris to Milan. We started the day with an amazing breakfast in our Paris hotel and although I knew I was going to miss the food in France, I was so excited to travel to Italy.

Soon as we landed in Milan, we met with our tour manager Monique. We did not do much touring today since it was a travel day, but Monique did start the bus ride with the history of Rome and Milan.

Italy is equivalent in size of Arizona at about 300,000 square kilometers and Rome is the capital. Monique told us the urban legend of Rome and how it got its name. There was a vestal virgin who gave birth to twins, Romulus and Remus, who were raised by a she wolf.

Romulus killed his brother Remus and then became the founder of Rome. Another part of the urban legend I found shocking was how there was a tribe in Rome that actually was raped by outsiders which is how the city was populated.

Monique went on to talk about Milan and its involvement in World War I, World War II and its political views. I learned how Milan is considered to be a young and very modern city. It is known as the city of fashion and also a sister city of Chicago.

Although there are fun things to do such as going into the city to shop, for dinner or the theater, gas is very expensive at about seven U.S. dollars per gallon.

The best part and most relaxing part of our day was walking around the city and getting Gelato with all of my teammates. After a long day of traveling, Italian Gelato really hit the spot. All in all, I'm excited to tour and explore the city of Milan more these next two days.



Here is Maranda’s report:
Our trip to Paris had gone by very quickly, but was very satisfying. It was nice getting to sleep in this morning and enjoy one last breakfast in Paris which consisted of French delicacies. I am really to miss the French art, architecture and food.

The flight to Milan from Paris had an amazing view of the Italian mountains and hills. As we got to the airport, our tour guide Monique welcomed us with a nice air-conditioned bus that took us to our hotel. As we drove to our hotel, she gave us an interesting summary of Italy's history.

Although Milan is more rural than the city of Paris, Milan has a reputation for being the city of fashion and design. In the center of Milan is a huge sculpture of thread going through a needle to represent Milan's fashion industry.

Once we got to the hotel we rested for a while and then had a nice Italian dinner. The highlight of the night was walking with my teammates to get some Gelato which was extremely refreshing and delicious. I can't wait for what tomorrow holds!

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