Discovering Another World in Beautiful Milan
June 18, 2017

MILAN, Italy -- Day five of the softball team's European tour saw the Blue Demons check out the sights of this major world fashion and design capital that is the second wealthiest city in the European Union after Paris.

Bringing us a report on a beautiful Sunday in the heart of Italy are softball players Krista Dalgarn and Megan Leyva.

Milan is beautiful!

DePaul softball started the day with an early morning filled with delicious croissants and Nutella. After that we headed on over to the softball field to have a brief practice, where the weather was perfect.

Many dingers later we headed back to the hotel to freshen up and head out for some yummy food---yes Gelato followed soon after.

Later in the afternoon, our tour guide Monique Mende introduced us to hot the spots of Milan. The first place we visited was really cool--- the only one of five canals in Milan that had water still flowing through it.

Along the canals and up the streets of Milan were vibrant buildings filled with homes, stores, and adorable cafes. We came across the beautiful church of Chiostri di Sant'Eustorgio with the eight-pointed at the top of the building. This star is believed to be linked to the star that led the disciples to find Jesus.

Moving further into the heart of the city, we passed many intricate little statues, decorated walls, and several quaint boutiques. We came upon the Wall of Dolls, where many dolls were hung up on the wall of a building mounted on crosses and surrounded by pictures of women.

The way the wall was decorated made all of us stop in our tracks. So we read the inscription that this wall was created in memory of women who had been assaulted or killed by men. It was an extremely moving and powerful piece of art.

We came upon the Basilica di San Lorenzo church that was built near the Roman wall where a theater once existed. The theater was destroyed and the leftover materials were used to make the church and columns that surrounded the church.



We were all impressed how Milan was able to use these old building materials to erect a new church.

One of the most memorable parts of today was when we rounded a street corner and saw a hand sculpture in the shape of an obscene gesture. This piece of art had a significant meaning behind it, standing  for LOVE---short for liberta (freedom), odio (hate), vendetta (vengeance) and eternita (eternity).

Our tour ended up at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuel, also known as the Salon on Milan, the location of high-end stores such as Gucci and Prada. The architecture was breathtaking, featuring high-detailed ceilings and beautiful artwork.

Located on the center floor of the gallery was a bull where legend has it that you stood on the bull and spun three times, you would receive good luck. Of course we all took our turns spinning in circles while we laughed and took pictures of one another.

Stomachs growling, we ended the night with an amazing dinner at place that when translated meant, "the little table." For the last course we enjoyed Tiramisu as we sang happy birthday to Eug (coach Eugene Lenti). Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there. Ciao!

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