Cat Tales: Aug. 16 - Groundhog Day


Hello Blue Demon Fans,

Not a whole lot has gone on since the last time I wrote. Everyday seems to be Groundhog Day. With most of our games at noon, we go through the same routine everyday. Since nothing major has happened, I’ll fill you in on the little things in our daily lives.

(Jennie) Finch and I usually are up by 7 a.m., although today being the day of our late game, I actually finally slept past 7 and woke up at 10 a.m.! We start to get ready as we wait for (Crystl) Bustos and (Laura) Berg to get up. Usually we head to breakfast by 7:30, and then return to our house with plenty of time to finish putting on our uniforms, do our hair and make up, and for me to make my pot of coffee. I take a big mug of coffee to the game everyday. I can’t deny that I am addicted to good coffee!

We pick up and turn in laundry every morning. We’re fortunate that the laundromat is not too far from our building, so we can just hop on over there quickly when we need to. It takes about 12 hours for them to get laundry done, so we frequent the mat. So far, no one has lost anything, but I had a scare for a minute when it took them two days to locate my bag, but they finally found it.

The dining hall still hasn’t gotten old yet. There’s a good variety of food, and we tend to try most of it in one sitting. I think the dining hall might be our favorite place to chill. We eat and then sit at our table for an hour talking and people watching. I will say the Athletes Village is fun for people watching. One of the countries had their rookies dressed up in the nice Chinese outfits often seen in movies, and they had to stand in the middle of the entrance with a sign that said, “I’m a rookie ... you can take your picture with me for free!” They didn’t look too happy.

Our team has made friends with some players on the baseball team, the cyclists and some of the track and field members. It’s fun to see them around and be greeted by a smile.

Speaking of smiles, when we warm up we have some volunteers who help us gather the home run balls. One guy is as nice as can be. He literally runs to get every ball that goes over, and runs the ball back to us. Every time I turn to get a ball from him, he has a smile so big that it’s contagious. I smile back and say thank you, and he keeps on smiling. It’s just something that makes my day to see him enjoy helping us out for an hour.

In my down time, I’ve been reading a lot. I finished the second book of the Twilight Series, and I’m almost done with Cal Ripken’s book that my mom bought me for Christmas. I am going to start the Alchemist next ... and continue to download movies to watch at night. I just finished downloading Gone Baby Gone, so it will be first up!

We’re 5-0 and have the Netherlands tonight. We’re excited to get these last two games underway, and then focus on the medal rounds. I hope you all are getting some sleep after our late-night games! Keep cheering us on! =)

It’s movie time for me....

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Olympic Game Recaps
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USA 8, Canada 1
USA 7, Japan 0
USA 7, Chinese Taipei 0
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USA 9, China 0
USA 4, Japan 1 (9 innings) 


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 2008 Summer Olympics
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