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Behind the Bricks-Jackie Tarulli-Fisher
Jackie Tarulli-Fisher

Jackie Tarulli-Fisher

Sept. 28, 2011

Our new weekly feature "Behind the Bricks" allows DePaul letterwinners a chance to tell the DePaul community a little bit about themselves, a brief reflection on their time as a Blue Demon student-athlete and where they have gone since stepping off the court, field or diamond.

 This feature was renamed "Behind the Bricks" to coincide with the dedication of the John and Dale Melbourne Herklotz Letterwinners Plaza and Champions Courtyard. With the plaza filled with 3,800 bricks representing DePaul's student-athletes since 1926, each brick has a story. "Behind the Bricks" will allow letterwinners to tell their "DePaul Story".

Name: Jackie Tarulli-Fisher

 Sport(s): Softball

Years Participated: 2006-2009

 1. What does being a DePaul Letter winner mean to you?

Being a DePaul letterwinner gives me a sense of accomplishment and happiness to be a part of the family that is DePaul. Every day I walk into the doors to go to work at my Alma Mater I feel gracious that I was welcomed to such a prestigious school with such genuine people associated with it.

 2. Why did you choose DePaul?

I chose DePaul because of the location of the school. Chicago was a huge plus for me as a city school. I had always dreamed of being in a big city where I could learn different things and be in a diverse atmosphere to really flourish and spread my wings as a woman not just an athlete.

3. What was your favorite memory while at DePaul?

 I honestly have too many great memories to remember at DePaul, but there are two that stick out as not only an accomplishment but as something I can forever say I was a part of. The first would be going to the Women’s College World Series in 2007. That might top every memory I’ve ever had. The team I was a part of, as well as the experience of being at the highest level was an unbelievable high that I could never forget. The second was being a part of Eug’s 1000th win. Those who were there with me will never forget it and now we can forever remember the class of 2009’s senior day as a dual threat because that day was also named… “Eugene Lenti Day.”



 4. What did receiving a scholarship from DePaul mean to you?

Honestly, there are no words that can describe the gratitude I have for Eug, Liz Bouck, Lindsay Choinard, Jeanne, and Kathryn for all they have done for me in giving me the opportunity to break out and really become the person I am today. I could have never done it without the chance to receive a scholarship and those people were the ones that always pushed for me and I thank them for it.

5. What was your funniest memory at DePaul?

My funniest memory at DePaul had something to do with Eug’s 1,000th win, however, let’s just say I was ALWAYS laughing at DePaul and having a great time.

6. Brief Summary of your life from graduation till now:

 As of right now, I am blessed, once again to be working with the DePaul softball team. I am currently the Director of Softball Operations and have the opportunity to learn and grow from the amazing staff we have here. I am also pursuing my masters degree in Educational Leadership in hopes to continue working in athletics in the future at the collegiate level.

7. Is there a recent highlight that you would like to share with Alumni and friends of DePaul Athletics?

I would like to say that the most recent highlight I have had was the DePaul Alumni game. This year was the biggest and best turn out we have ever had. It was amazing to get together with all the alumni again after not seeing most of them for a year as well as being able to have my parents there to meet the alumni and get to know those who have paved the way for me (Even though we lost.. we were still winners in our own heart). Otherwise everyday is an adventure at DePaul and I’m loving it more and more each day, so I guess the

8. What advice would you give to a current or future student-athlete?

The best advice I can pass onto the current student-athlete is to work as hard as you can for the time you can. You only have four years to play a sport in college and then its off to the real world. Enjoy the time you have with your teammates and friends and never let a moment pass that you aren’t thankful for the opportunities that you have been give. Give thanks wherever possible to those around you, and most importantly…have fun, because after all, you are playing a sport that you love and have loved for many years. So continue to do that and pass along the love of the game to those younger than you and continue the tradition of DePaul Athletics.


Travel destination: I would love to go to Fiji and Alaska

 Books: Mind Gym, The Harry Potter Books.. recently, ANY book by John Wooden Author:

Movie: Hocus Pocus, Wedding Crashers… so many others I can’t think of

Sports movie: Miracle, Million Dollar Baby

Quote: “Dream as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’ll die today”-James Dean