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Sports Blog: Katarina Milinkovic Checks in with DePaul Tennis Fans
Katarina Milinkovic plays in her grandparent's plum trees just off the coast of Montenegro.

Katarina Milinkovic plays in her grandparent's plum trees just off the coast of Montenegro.

July 12, 2010

Big hello to my big DePaul family!

This is my first blog so far and thanks everybody for reading it. I also wanted to thank all the fans that supported DePaul tennis this past year. Your support has been very valuable to all of us and contributed to our historical season. We are all looking forward to seeing everyone again this season!

It was about four days ago when I noticed that it has already been a month since I came back home for summer break. But that just confirms the quote that "time flies when you are having fun."

Since I am from Belgrade, Serbia, which is right next to Croatia, really close to our fellow Croatian athletes, I came home to spend the summer while seeing my family and friends. At home, cousins are considered close family and therefore mine consists of approximately 50 members who live all around Europe. Currently, I am working on visiting ones in Serbia and Montenegro, which is another country right next to Serbia, and later on, I will be heading to the Western Europe.

As I previously mentioned, the first couple weeks of the summer I spent in my hometown Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It was great to sleep in my own room, but I must say I miss my roommates at DePaul; it felt amazing to eat my mom's specialties, to wake up not having to go to class or practice. Being a little spoiled and lazy was interesting only for a week, so I decided it was time to use the Summer Packet coach Patricia (our strength and conditioning coach) made for us and do a little running fº. As my friends are mostly tennis players, we scheduled dates on the tennis courts so we can be both happy and productive. I did not really believe I was going to miss playing with my team this much. It is so different not having my girls with me. I celebrated my 22nd birthday on one of the famous boats in Belgrade and started getting ready for the upcoming traveling.

Today I arrived to , which is a city on the coast of Montenegro. We have a condo here, right by the sea, and this is my favorite place to spend a week at. On the way to here, we drove by little village and visited my grandparents whose tradition is to grow trees of plums and later produce special national beverage called "rakija". I love picking plums and eating them because they are DELICIOUS and healthyfº!

The bay Boka Kotorska, where Herceg-Novi is located, is beautiful, surrounded by the mountains with the sea which is amazingly warm. I already got some swimming in. Weather is really nice so I am going to be working on my tan as well. First couple days here I am spending with my 18 year old brother and my parents, while next week my two best friends are coming for some beach action and doubles matches in tennis because I hope to play a tournament in Croatia with my best friend and fellow Demon Selma Salkovic.

In August I will be visiting Germany to catch up with the big FIFA World Cup fans because we live in the countries of soccer. After Germany I am off to Paris which is one of my favorite cities. I can say that I am pretty lucky to have family that lives in such beautiful places. While in France, I look forward cheering on our women's basketball team, who will also be in Paris. I think the dates of my staying there and their game fit, so I really hope there are going to be around 10 Serbs cheering for the Blue Demons.

So far, this past month has been amazing and I expect this summer it to get even better. I hope everybody can get a good balance between vacations and work and enjoy July and August. September is going to come fast and it is a great beginning for all of us - school, sports, work, schedules and many more responsibilities. This summer is great to get us ready for September and another big and successful year at DePaul!

Much love,