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Christy Landschoot: sports blog August 26

Hello everyone!

Well this past week went really fast.  We have been working hard preparing for our first match that is this Friday.  Last Tuesday, we had a morning and afternoon practices, and we continued to work on skills as well as team play.  We were able to slow down the drills a little bit in order to focus on the details of what we were doing.  I think this is very helpful, especially in the beginning of the season, so everyone can focus on doing the skills correctly and practicing them accurately.  After practice on Tuesday, Ashley Graham’s parents brought dinner to the athletic center for us!  It was so nice of them, and we all really enjoyed having a home-cooked meal.  Thanks Grahams! 

Some of the girls on the team had something really fun planned for Wednesday.  We used our day off to take a trip to the Warren Dunes!  We drove there in the morning in order to have the entire day at the beach.  Once we got there we found a good place to sit, we decided to eat lunch.  The beach was not very crowded, and it was nice to relax under the sun.

Sarah (Cullen) knew of a place in one of the dunes that had a creek and clay.  So, we went on an adventure to find it!  I’m not quite the outdoors type, but I still wanted to walk up the dunes since I hadn’t before.  We all started walking up the enormous hill, and it didn’t take long before everyone’s feet were burning so bad that some people started running.  Eventually we made it to the creek, and there was his clay stuff on the sides of it.  I didn’t go all the way down into the creek or clay, but about half of the girls did.  The other half of us decided to walk back to our towels, but first we had to climb up what looked like a vertical wall.  It was really tiring at the time, but looking back on it the entire dunes adventure was really fun!

We left the dunes and came back to Lincoln Park later that afternoon.  We had morning and afternoon practices again on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  We are playing more in practice which is so fun!  Sunday was our day off, and I used it to just relax.  Now two-a-day practices are over, and we began having only one practice a day.

I got to move into my apartment in Centennial yesterday which I am so excited about!  I can’t wait to decorate and get everything organized.  I am even more excited to play in a few days!!

I hope everyone enjoys the week!  GO BLUE!


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