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Christy Landschoot: sports blog August 26

Hey everyone!

The Blue Demon volleyball season has officially started!  Our first day of practice was two weeks ago, and we have been working hard to prepare for our first tournament.  We have three new freshmen joining the team this year, and we are all really excited for them to be a part of the Blue Demon family. 

This past week, the team took a trip to a friend's lake house on our off day.  We drove to Green Lake after Wednesday morning's practice.  Despite the not-so-great weather, some of the girls still went in the water.  Going to the lake was a lot of fun, and was a wonderful team bonding experience.  We tried to have a bonfire, but it started raining, so we had to continue our intense game of Catch Phrase inside.  We spent the night at the lake house and came back to Chicago Thursday evening.

On Friday, we were back to work in the gym, continuing to prepare for our first match.  The weekend was busy because it was time for a lot of the girls to move into the places where they will be staying for the school year.  On Sunday night after practice, we all got together at Coach Hardison's home for a team dinner.  We all had a good time, ate delicious food, and got to play with baby Noah.  He is so cute and getting so big! 

This week's practices are our final chances to prepare before our first tournament of the season.  We are leaving for Florida on Thursday, and will play in three matches this weekend.  Our opponents include Florida Atlantic, North Florida, and Central Florida.  I am so excited and cannot wait to come back to Chicago with three WINS!

I hope everyone has a great week, and I will talk to you again after the winning weekend!



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